Certified Koala Friendly Products

Why buy 'Certified Koala Friendly' products? When you buy ‘Koala friendly’, you know the producer behind the product has done the right thing by the environment.

So why Koalas? Koalas occur across large areas of Australia but are extremely sensitive to habitat loss and poor farm management. They share their habitat with countless other native plants and animals.

Adored yet vulnerable, the Koala is a fitting symbol of the environment, and an inspiration to farmers and consumers. (Click here to read about sponsorship opportunies)

The 'Certified Koala Friendly' Label is an exciting new program run by the Australian Koala Foundation; a non-profit, non-government organisation focussed on the long-term conservation of koalas in the wild.

Aimed at protecting Koala habitat, the program:

  1. endorses Koala and environment friendly livestock production practices, affording market recognition to these producers;
  2. empowers you - the consumer - to make a better-informed choice.

By purchasing our ‘Certified Koala Friendly’ products, you will not only be enjoying great quality, but supporting small family farms and rural communities who have taken genuine steps to balance conservation with production.

Certification Program

The Australian Koala Foundation will only award the label to landholders meeting its rigorous set of criteria for general ecological sustainability and Koala conservation (above and beyond a general environmental duty of care). Performance criteria are based on measurable, on-the-ground outcomes for the environment and Koala habitats.

Draft Certified Koala Friendly Program (pdf file, 600kb)

The program is being developed and trialed in close association with Pat's Organics; a farming business based in Queensland's west. Committed to achieving certification, Pat and his family are currently implementing a Koala Management System and Environmental Management System based on continuous improvement. Among other things, they are restoring and linking up Koala habitats within and around the property, and managing risks to Koalas (eg. dogs, weeds and feral animals).

For more information on the 'Koala Friendly Certification Program' contact the Australian Koala Foundation on 07 3229 7233.

Pat's Organics

We are a family enterprise committed to producing high quality natural meats. Our family farm, 'Blythe Downs', is located near Roma in south west Queensland. Our organic farm is certified by BFA. We have produced certified organic beef and lamb since 1992 and supplied specialist butchers and organic retailers across south east Queensland.

Pat's Organics Beef brings great taste to the table, the result of our traditional small scale, natural approach to raising beef.

We believe in providing consumers with flavoursome products from animals raised in a humane and environmentally friendly way. Our animals are raised in open rangelands in western Queensland. Antibiotics are not administered by injection or added to our animal feed and our animals are not treated with hormonal growth promotants.

We also believe in making a contribution to maintaining the sustainability of our land. Our farm is home to a wonderful diversity of plants and animals. Farmed animals run alongside kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, emus and other native fauna.

We are committed to continuing to protect our biodiversity, particularly Koala habitats, and have joined forces with the Australian Koala Foundation to develop a Koala Friendly Environmental Management System that can be used by pastoral industries in Queensland and beyond.

Pat’s Organic Meat

We go to great lengths to produce our Pat’s Organic meat because we want you to have an enjoyable eating experience every time.

We make the following guarantees for our meat:

  • BFA Organic Certified
  • Raised without supplemental hormones
  • No genetic engineering
  • No antibiotics
  • No chemicals
  • Grass fed on Western Down
  • No hormone growth promotants
  • Tender and flavoursome

For more information call Pat Hanly 07 4623 4262 or email patsorganics@tpgi.com.au

What's EMS?

EMS stands for Environmental Management Systems; an internationally recognised standard for managing environmental risks. EMS provides credible mechanisms for establishing and maintaining sustainable production systems.

The EMS is based on the continuous improvement cycle of: Plan, Do, Check, Review. It is a framework for making decisions, setting objectives and targets, implementing actions, monitoring progress and continuously improving performance.

The Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries has customised EMS to the Queensland pastoral industries and is assisting livestock producers in the rangelands develop and implement EMS for their properties. For more information on EMS visit www.daff.gov.au/ems.

Past/Present Endorsement/Sponsorship Projects

The AKF has worked with many industry partners to increase product profit margin however, up until now, has never endorsed a product comprehensively demonstrated to be environmentally friendly. This is why we are so proud to be part of the environmentally friendly eco-labelling project in the pastoral industry.

Some successful projects include:

  • Lotte brand lollies and biscuits - Japan
  • Angoves Wine - Australia
  • Koala Crisps Cereal - USA
  • Koala Beach Residential Estate - Pottsville, Australia
  • The Upjohn Co. Cough Syrup - Australia
  • Qantas
  • Westpac Bank
  • Mainland Cheese
  • Koala Brand Rice

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