Koala Woman Says


The city of Adelaide is blessed by a green belt connected to the Adelaide Hills by the Torrens River. This provides access so that city workers occasionally see Koalas on their lunchbreak. The good story ends there though: not all Koalas use the river corridor, other Koalas rely on street and residential plantings. Many Koalas are killed by vehicle strike and dogs as they cross suburbia, and there is a high incidence of disease leading to mortality in other Koalas. It is only ongoing dispersal from the Hills that maintains this population, in ecological terms this electorate is a “population sink”. There could be more Koalas in the city gardens but only if the threats are managed properly.

Member for Adelaide

The Hon Kate Ellis MP
Australian Labor Party
[email protected]
161a Main North Rd Nailsworth
SA 5083

Will she Act or Axe?

Koala Numbers

Estimated AKF Koala Population: 60-100

Estimated Koala Habitat left: 0.1%

Estimated Federal Government Population: No data. No opinion.

The South Australian Government opposed the protection of the koala and there is no Federal protective legislation in place.