Koalas and Offsets

The Australian Koala Foundation is totally opposed to koala habitat “offsets”.    So, what is an environmental offset?   Firstly, it was a notion of some person in a department somewhere that said “you know if we recommend offset industry can just knock everything down”.   Great idea said industry and government alike (particularly when a monetary donation is involved) .  Secondly, they then asked scientists within the department to validate the concept with either a scientific paper or a policy.    

Say, a project needs to remove 23,000 Koala trees(not sure how they count them)  then the Government proposes industry has to plant new  5 new trees for every tree lost.   115,000 new trees - wow.  An additional 92,000 trees for Koalas to call home; - wow.

So who plants them?   Who waters them?  Who counts that they have been planted?   What if only 25,000 new trees were planted? 

What if the trees die (50% of most plantings die in most areas of Australia)?

What if the area is miles away from the Koalas home?

Who will tell the Koala to wait for 10-20 years for those trees to become a feed tree?

What does the Koala do in the meantime?

Thirdly, NONSENSE.