STKM2016: A Review

How you you've helped


The AKF would like to thank all the parks, organisations, businesses, and families who have supported our work and helped raise awareness for Koalas this September.

We have been run off our feet with online orders and visits to our Brisbane store. Thank you for all your support to the AKF and helping to raise awareness for the Koalas!

Did you see? Did you hear?

The AKF wishes to thank the community and national radio and television broadcasters, both here in Australia and overseas, for their coverage of the work of the Australian Koala Foundation and The Koala Woman, Deborah Tabart OAM. Here are a few places you may have heard about or seen us this September!


We've loved celebrating Save The Koala Month this year with you!

Please keep sending us your photos, videos, stories, sightings, and more through our website or on Facebook. No matter the time of year, we are thrilled to share what Koala lovers everywhere are doing.

Thank you for a great #STKM2016, see you next year!