A message from Deborah Tabart OAM

This year, the AKF is 30 years old. When Lorraine, Ann Sharp and I first started in 1988, we all sat around and thought “gee, how can we get the Koala message out to the world?”, so we had our first Save the Koala Month that year. It seems like yesterday in some respects, but also a very long time ago.    

I never, and I mean never thought that I would be still here trying to “save the Koala”. It should have been so simple, but of course life is not that way. I am not going to focus on the problems of the Koala right now - I am going to say thank you for allowing me to come to work each day and for being able to speak for the Koala. Some of the journalists who tirelessly invite me onto their shows, and groups of people who gather together and do whatever they can to help, inspire me every day.   

This week, my team and I were at Quinlans, the AKF's bushlands sanctuary, where we celebrated one of our sponsors, Nature’s Path. Stay tuned to a photo album on Facebook from our visit, as well as some videos. It was wonderful to be there during this month, where 'Love is in the air' for the Koalas and everyone who cares for them.