March Newsletter

The important things in life

Koala lovers! As our beautiful wildlife and little joeys begin recuperating, the tragic fires almost seem a distant memory. The skies are clear again, but now we are faced with the shocking COVID-19 pandemic. Like all crisis, it will pass, but for now we must all work through our lives to simplify it for security and health. Listen intently to the experts around the world and stay safe. Please take care of you and your families and remember the important things in life. The AKF is incredibly grateful for your continued support during this difficult time. Know the AKF will continue to work towards a brighter future for Koalas. Once this is finished, the AKF will be ready to go back out and finish our work and focus on the Koala Protection Act - and we will get it. The Chairman of AKF, our fearless leader Deborah Tabart, OAM posts monthly updates in Deborah's Diary. Head to the AKF website for more. 

Cake for Koalas

Meet five-year-old Alva from Berlin, Germany. Alva was very moved by the horrific Australian bushfires and organised her very first bake sale to raise funds for the Koalas. She hosted this bake sale herself, at the Free University of Berlin, where her dad is a professor of quantum physics. Alva took it upon herself to pressure all his students to buy a piece of her chocolate cake, raising $220 AUD which she later donated to AKF. What a hero! We need more people like Alva in this world!

Heroes of the month

This month we are celebrating a whole classroom of heroes! Recently the AKF received a collection of beautiful artwork from students of Tartu Veeriku School. A class of students from the school located in Estonia, Europe sent through their amazing drawings from their activities of learning about how Koalas and their habitat have been affected by the Australian bushfires. The students created some beautiful artwork as a tribute to the Koala. They wrote, 'we love animals and care about nature...we support you very much and wish the Koalas all the best'. The AKF would like to publicly thank the students of Tartu Veeriku School and all that were involved for their incredible efforts. There are many great ways to contribute and help make a difference for Koalas. We have plenty of resources on our website with suggestions on how to help save the Koalas.



Plant a Tree Save me!

The recent bushfires in Australia have resulted in habitat loss for these cuddly little critters. Now is the time to act! Help the AKF make a difference and let’s work towards a better future together. It’s easy! Visit our website and you can plant a tree for yourself, in memoriam or as a gift. The AKF has a range of programs to choose from, or you can opt to choose your own amount to donate. There is no donation too big or too small. Everything helps! For those simply wanting to plant trees for Koalas the AKF has you covered. The AKF has released an updated version of our National Koala Tree Planting List. This guide is incredibly helpful and aims to assist people in increasing the amount of Koala habitat in their local landscape. Have a browse and let's start planting!



We need you! Have you enlisted in the Koala Army?

Koalas need our help more than ever! Enlist in the Koala Army and join the AKF in battle to enact the Koala Protection Act! It will ensure all Koala habitat is protected by law and save countless lives. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join us in making sure our government is serious about protecting our environment. Let's work together and make a difference!