Urban's Mission

Koala Army banner

Urban is a Koala who left his family and friends in the bush after realising how few trees were left, and how desperately things needed to change. Now, he is the leader of the Koala Army and spirit of all Australian’s who want to help save the Koala.

One day while visiting his home in the bush, Urban met an eagle. It was this eagle who told Urban about the Bald Eagle Act in the United States of America, which brought the species back from the brink of extinction.

It is easy to draw parallels between the Bald Eagle and the Koala. Like the Bald Eagle is to America, the Koala is unique to our country and is affectionately seen as an enduring icon of the Australian bush.

Thus, the mission to create and enact a Koala Protection Act was born.

In 2016, Urban and his childhood friend Matilda (the Donkey) set out on a trip around Australia to spread the word about the Koala Protection Act. Learn more here. Stay tuned for more Matilda updates in 2017.

Join the Koala Army to help Urban and Matilda on their mission.