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Deborah's latest Diary is now online, you can view it online here. read more
Recruits, The Commander in Chief and her trusted Generals are currently in the Operations Room developing a strategy for the enactment of a Koala Protection Act. The document is written but until it ... read more
Hello Troops, The Commander and I are sorry that we have not communicated for quite a while. There has been a changing of the Guard in Canberra and there are even more disturbing thoughts coming ... read more
Recruits, Our Commander in Chief has written her Diary and K-Day is this Saturday. Make sure you think of the Koala on the day . When we know the new commanders of the Government will send our ... read more
K Day has been announced. The Federal election is set to take place on the 7th of September. To find out more, check out Act or Axe . read more
Recruits, K-Day has been changed to a date unknown so we can all relax a little. That said, the date could be sprung upon us and our Commander in Chief wants you ready for action. Urban, I want your ... read more
Recruits, From your Commander in Chief; Urban, Your recruits are amazing. Well done. Please thank them for their emails advising me that they are on stand-by. Remember, what we need from them now is ... read more
Recruits, I have just had the following directive from my Commander in Chief. TOP SECRET Urban It is time – the Koalas need the Koala Army now. It is time to recruit, recruit and recruit some more. ... read more
My Commander-in-Chief is in Canberra and today she saw the first step in getting the Koala’s very own piece of legislation that will help to save koalas in the wild. Senator Bob Brown and Senator ... read more
My time in the bush has taught me so much. It’s pretty bad out there but I’ve learned to be tough and most importantly brave. I have made a big decision and I really think it will change my life. I ... read more