Urban's Diary

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My time in the bush has taught me so much. It’s pretty bad out there but I’ve learned to be tough and most importantly brave. I have made a big decision and I really think it will change my life. I ... read more
Great news everyone. I finally know how we can succeed in protecting my friends and me. I was thinking about the whole situation yesterday and felt lonely and lost when suddenly a beautiful feather ... read more
I just woke up having a horrible dream. We koalas will end up the same way as the Tasmanian Tiger. After it has been hunted for two decades by settlers the numbers where too small to secure its breed ... read more
I asked Father Christmas for one thing; to make sure that my trees are not cut down. No Tree No Me. read more
I am back in the bush, well sort of. There is not much left. I have heard the horrible forecasts that there is only 20% of my natural habitat left, but seeing the reality is a nightmare. There are ... read more
After a long and hard fight for my wild cousins and myself I feel defeated/lost. It looks like my dream of a sustainable future and a federal protection with lots of yummy gumtrees has failed. I have ... read more