Urban's Diary

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Recruits, Life in busy in the Operations Room as we plan to encourage our political leaders to support a Koala Protection Act. Read our CIC’s Diary and she is talking a lot about patience. Click here ... read more
Recruits, Mission accomplished. Victorian Environment Minister Lisa Neville has invited our Commander In Chief to a meeting in January. Well done to you for your relentless communications to the ... read more
Attention recruits, We need your help ASAP! 400 Koalas are being transolacted from Cape Otway to Lorne (Victoria) this week, and AKF wants to know that they are going to survive. There are lots of ... read more
Recruits! Time for action. Our Commander in Chief has delivered state-of-the-art maps to our new Prime Minister, Mr. Malcolm Turnbull. You can see the maps here . As Koala Army recruits, you must do ... read more
Recruits, Urban here. You have been waiting for action. It is time, and it is now up to you. Help keep my friends and the Koala forests of Australia on the minds of our leaders. Our Commander in ... read more
Recruits, Are you ready? Letters have been sent from our CIC to every federal politician in Australian in koala habitat urging them to protect their Koalas. With that letter was a series of written ... read more
Recruits, The CIC is writing letters. They will be sent on 15 th July, 2015 – are you ready? Over and out Urban read more
Hi Troops, The recent news about possible further Koala culls in the Cape Otway region in Victoria shows us just how important it is to properly manage Koala habitat for the future. Decades of ... read more
Koala Army, Secret briefings have been held. The Commander in Chief will move into action after Easter. Get your Koala Cupcakes ready. Over and Out, Urban read more
Watch this space! Join the Koala Army today. read more