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Recruits, Matilda is doing a GREAT job on the road and certainly visiting the same hot spots as Australia's four leaders, all of who have refused to sign the statutory declarations supporting the ... read more
Recruits - time for action. Only one political party has supported Matilda, in her bid for a Koala Protection Act. All the others have ignored our request to save the Koala. www.vote1matilda.com Do ... read more
Hi recruits! I hope you're keeping up to date with Matilda's journey. Support is buildling for the KPA, and we couldn't have done it without you! Be sure to stay up to date at www.vote1matilda.com. ... read more
Hi recruits! It's Day 2 of Matilda's campaign trail today. ( Vote 1 Matilda! ) I'm so proud of her. Make sure you stay up to date with her journey and fight for a Koala Protection Act. Over and out, ... read more
Attention recruits! It's 4 sleeps until D-Day... which is Donkey Day! I'm sending my childhood friend Matilda (the donkey) on a journey down the east coast of Australia starting 6 June, to spread the ... read more
Hi troops, I'd like you to meet my childhood friend Matilda. She is going to help us get the KPA. Her real name is Lulu after a famous Koala called Lulu who was born at Koala Beach , the first ... read more
Recruits, a re you ready? Our CIC has sent a letter to the Qld Premier's Department this morning about declining Koala habitat and the KPA - you can take a read in our News and Events section. She ... read more
Recuits, i t looks like Australia may be heading to an election on July 2 and the AKF is hoping that the Koala will be integral to the thinking of any future leader of our country. It seems to me ... read more
Recruits, Life in busy in the Operations Room as we plan to encourage our political leaders to support a Koala Protection Act. Read our CIC’s Diary and she is talking a lot about patience. Click here ... read more
Recruits, Mission accomplished. Victorian Environment Minister Lisa Neville has invited our Commander In Chief to a meeting in January. Well done to you for your relentless communications to the ... read more