Vale Carter

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Wow, thanks so much for responding to the call from the CIC and hi to all my long term recruits.

I want to tell you about one of my mates called Carter – he is/was an urban Koala like me. He died recently but luckily someone got a photo of him. Sadly it was on the day he died. Like me, his bushland home ended up being designated an “urban landscape” by planning laws in Queensland. How ridiculous. There is no such thing.

Carter ended up living in an “urban landscape” but like most things, one last piece of bush was the final straw. His safe habitat was cleared and he had nowhere else to go. Makes me want to bellow!


He was in the prime of his life – 4 years old and now he’s gone. Luckily, I have you, my recruits, to spread Carter’s story far and wide. Help get more people to care about me and my mates. We have to help them.

A Koala Protection Act would not have allowed Carter’s trees to go down!

Over and out


Read about Carter here, and don't forget to spread the word about the Koala Army!

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