Pigeon Squadron

Koala Army banner


Delighted to let you know that Bill Jr. has formed a Pigeon Squadron in Australia.

Bill Jr. is the great grandson of Bill (he is named after him) and loves to talk to his Grandpa David about the bravery of pigeons in both horrible conflicts.

Pigeons did it tough and were very brave in WW2 - they were often dropped (in small containers) behind enemy lines and brought home messages to the Commander in Chief. David served in WW2 and after the war, he was recognised and awarded bravery medals.

Bill Jr.’s father decided his family had enough of war, but Bill Jr. feels the plight of the Koala is worth fighting for and has joined the Koala Army. Will you?

“The passenger pigeon extinction ... was entirely
our fault
. We over-hunted and over-exploited this
amazing animal, and we should try to be careful
about what we're doing today.” Source

There are already pigeon squadrons around the world. Bill jr. has been busy. Eiffel Tower Squadron, Empire State Squadron and we even heard there is a squadron hanging in Trafalgar Square in London. Fantastic recruiting.

If you see them post your photos online. You will recognise them - they will be chatting together about Koalas. #koalaarmy

Pigeons are formidable. There is even a brigade on the beach at Waikiki. This squadron (all white) have been campaigning and talking about the loss of the Passenger Pigeon. They figure if it could happen to that incredible species, then everything is at risk.

We need all the pigeons of the world to unite!

Over and out,