The new Koala Army!

Koala Army banner

Welcome to the new and refreshed Koala Army!


For those of you who feel we may have been missing in action, I want you to know that we had to be silent so we could plan for our mission; our final mission to save the Koala.

We watched the Australian Government go silent too; even though the Koala was listed in April 2012 and a Koala Recovery Plan was supposed to have been written by the end of 2014 – we are now completely convinced that it will never be written and that existing laws in Australia are completely useless. The bulldozers of course did not go silent and it is time to stop them destroying our beautiful country.

That is why WE NEED YOU! I know you love the Koala and that you want the Australian Government to protect it. Of course they will say they are, but listing a species and protecting their habitat are two different things.

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With 80% of the world’s forests already gone, there is no reason at all for anyone on this planet to think we can keep going with unsustainable destruction, not to mention the animal suffering that occurs every time a tree goes down.

Koala forests of Australia house thousands of other species. A Koala Protection Act is the only way to get some fairness back into the forests.

Firstly, we have to recruit; no army can achieve its mission without numbers on the ground.

That is your first mission, sign up, tell your friends and let the fun begin!


~ Urban ~