Introducing 'bin chicken'

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Fantastic response from you guys about the loss of my mate Carter and I can see you are starting to marshal your energy into sharing the problem. I don’t know this bush Koala but great to know that he is living safe in the Wollemi Wilderness with a human who cares for him.

Us Urban Koalas are in terrible trouble and the CIC received a letter from a Mayor about Carter who blamed his death on a dog, rather than recognising that it was his home that was cut down.

How come humans just don’t get the fact that Carter had to become a refugee in his own homeland and then became very vulnerable?

Time to recruit my other mate who lives in the city. He is industrious, knows how to get around and in some countries is revered as a religious icon. His nick name is “bin chicken” and I think he secretly likes it!

He sometimes has his mind on other things, but hey, we all need to eat, particularly when our habitats are at risk - and his certainly are. Hey Bin Chicken – we NEED YOUR HELP – start recruiting your mates, there are heaps of you. Time for action!


Over and out