2nd April 2013

Koala Army banner
I have just had the following directive from my Commander in Chief.
It is time – the Koalas need the Koala Army now.
It is time to recruit, recruit and recruit some more.
All recruits reporting for duty must be kitted out – they must be ready – spick and span.  Tell them to get their Dog Tags ordered and their T-shirts fitted.  It is time for us to gather under the Gum Trees!
K Day has been announced – September 14, 2013.
K Day will see the gathering of the largest force of Koala lovers the world has ever seen!    
Urban I need you to start gathering your troops, spread the word!
Commander In Chief
Recruits, our leader has been silent for many months.  She has been planning and this is our time. We have seen too many dead, we have seen too many destroyed by greed and lust for power and we have seen too many false promises from our human leaders.
Write to me – I need to know how you can help.          
Over and out
Enlist T-Shirt Womens - $19.95                                  Dog Tags - $19.95
Enlist T-Shirt Mens - $19.95                                           Bottle Opener Dog Tags - $19.95