29 June 2016

Koala Army banner
Matilda is doing a GREAT job on the road and certainly visiting the same hot spots as Australia's four leaders, all of who have refused to sign the statutory declarations supporting the Koala Protection Act.
The Prime Minister's team have responded five days out from the election. We appreciate the response (we're yet to hear from Greens, Labor or Nationals leaders), but there's no mention of the Koala Protection Act in their letter. You can read it here.
It is ironic that they mention economic growth in their standard spiels, as the Koala is so important to our economy. The Recovery Plan they speak about was supposed to be written and finalised in 2014.
Do you think they're trying to appease a donkey (vote)?
Video here.
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You can write to the four leaders telling them you want them to support the Koala Protection Act and to sign the statutory declarations.
Prime Minister Mr Malcolm Turnbull: Twitter / Email
Leader of the Opposition Mr Bill Shorten: Twitter Email
Deputy Prime Minister Mr Barnaby Joyce: Twitter Email
Greens Leader Mr Richard di Natale: Twitter / Email
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