24th July 2013

Koala Army banner
K-Day has been changed to a date unknown so we can all relax a little. That said, the date could be sprung upon us and our Commander in Chief wants you ready for action.


I want your recruits to start preparing for a “Gumup”. This is a military term for overloading a target with information “Gumnuts”.

We have four main humans, one of whom will have the Koalas fate in their hands after K-Day later in the year.

That new human leader will need to understand that they must consider the Koalas as part of their leadership and pave the way for a Koala Protection Act.

Gumnuts of information (via email) will need to be sent to each of these leaders and can be done from today. There is only one message; we want a Koala Protection Act.

Contact Kevin Rudd: [email protected]

Contact Tony Abbott: [email protected]

Contact Bob Katter: [email protected]

Contact Christine Milne: [email protected]

Our human leaders only really understand simple messages and one that they should really heed is that Koala lovers can make them win or lose a seat in the federal parliament.

The more Gumnuts you send the more our leaders will listen and Urban, I will send a Koala Army Kit to those that send 100 or more gumnuts in any one day.   They will need to gather their friends, they will need to sit with them under the gumtrees and they will need to be relentless. Over and out.

Commander in Chief.

Recruits. Get your friends together with their computers and start planning your successful Gumup. Gumnuts can be sent from today  and our leaders will learn that they must not underestimate the power of the Fur Factor.  

More later;


P.S. A Gumnut could read; Dear Kevin Koala, or Dear Tony Koala, or Bob Koala, or Christine Koala,

We want you to support a Koala Protection Act.  Signed, Member of the Koala Army.  

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