17th December 2015

Koala Army banner




Mission accomplished. Victorian Environment Minister Lisa Neville has invited our Commander In Chief to a meeting in January.


Well done to you for your relentless communications to the Minister.


Just shows you can do it!


 FYI new recruits: last month we asked the Koala Army to Tweet Minister Neville asking:                   

"Could you please provide AKF with maps of the mixed Eucalypt forest that the Cape Otway Koalas are being translocated to?"  


The Koala Army is now in action with great purpose and determination and as we close down for a quiet Christmas period here in Australia, I want you to know that our CIC is determined to get the 76 politicians that are needed to support a Koala Protection Act.

We have two that have already said yes – only 74 to go and with your help, we can do it.   

These exercises show that our strategy works - and it will! 

Why not jump on Facebook or Twitter and say thank you to Ms Neville for inviting the CEO of AKF to meet with her.


My mates in the bush are doing it really tough, probably worse now than at any other time in history, so we need you and your friends to sign up to join the Koala Army.  


When our CIC comes back, we can look forward to a year of fun and firmness with those that have the power to make a difference.

Over the holidays, recruit, recruit and recruit some more - particularly you lovers of all things digital. This is going to be a social media campaign like Australia has never seen before.


Over and out,