10th Aug 2015

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Are you ready?  

Letters have been sent from our CIC to every federal politician in Australian in koala habitat urging them to protect their Koalas.

With that letter was a series of written briefs that articulate that the Koala is on the way to extinction, because nothing currently works to stop the habitat being destroyed.

There are 128 federal politicians in Koala habitat, 150 nationally and we only need 76 politicians to support the Koala Protection Act.

What we need from you is a commitment to write to the politicians we identify as either a supporter of the KPA or a person who is vulnerable to losing their seat.

It is time for action and you, the Koala Army need to be highly disciplined, listen to the CIC and her instructions and to be respectful at all times.

We will not act like the thugs of industry who continue to ignore our federal laws and the rules of engagement for the protection of the Koala.

If you want to support the Koala we want you to;

1. Email, write, or visit the politician allocated to you explaining your intention to encourage them to say Yes to Koalas.

2. Write to them every day.

3. Deliver Koala Cupcakes either physically for them and their staff to enjoy or Virtual Cupcakes made here by the Koala Army Quartermaster.

So are you ready?

If you've joined the Koala Army, keep an eye on your inbox. 


Over and out,