Urban's Diary

Koala Army banner
The Minister for the Environment wants to count Koalas and needs you to check out every rubbish bin in Australia to see whether there are Koalas in there. Bin Chickens unite! Oh wait on, the AKF has ... read more
Stand down recruits - time for being in your tents and getting prepared for when it is over. Urban read more
Recruits, Time to bunker down and be safe – CIC’s Diary here. Urban read more
Now this is a REAL ARMY that loves Koalas. Join mine! Over and out, Urban read more
My mates in the bush are in terrible trouble with fires – join the Koala Army and I will let you know what we can do as soon as we know more. Over and Out, Urban read more
Recruits, Rodney has been sent to the Moon. One small step for Koalas, one GIANT LEAP for the Animalkind. Over and Out Urban read more
Recruits, The Commander in Chief has just announced frightening news for Koalas, and has called on the new Australian Prime Minister to man up and enact the Koala Protection Act! Make sure you read ... read more
Koala Army Alert
Recruits, We need you to keep an eye on an operational convoy from Tasmania to Queensland prior to the 18th of May Australian election. Over and Out Urban read more
Recruits, Bin Chicken inspirational again! He is looking to cover every bin in the whole world with a message to join the Koala Army. Download free printable Koala Army posters and plaster them on ... read more