Koala Harrold's Story

Who is Harrold?

Sadly, Harrold was one unlucky Koala who lost his fight for life whilst clutching a sprig of eucalypts in his paw; a harrowing image and a sad reminder that more must be done to protect our wild Koala population and their habitat.

In June 2002, Noosa National Park Ranger Kylie Reidy rescued a large male Koala that had been mauled by a domestic dog. After listening to him chatter throughout the night she named him Harrold after Koala conservationist Dr. Arthur Harrold, who released wild Koalas into the area during the 1960s. Kylie tried to nurse the Koala back to health but, to her regret, was unsuccessful.

The Australian Koala Foundation decided to honour Harrold by naming our tree-planting program after him, ensuring his legacy lives on through the forest, protecting his remaining friends and family in the wild.

Restoration and expansion of primary habitat is the goal of our tree-planting program, so when you plant a tree in Harrold's Forest you will help Koalas in a very direct way.

Harrold’s memory also lives on in the form of a bronzed Koala statue at Noosa National Park. Harrold the Koala has become a much loved and embraced member of the community by locals and visitors alike since he was unveiled by Noosa Mayor, Bob Abbot, and Australian Koala Foundation CEO, Deborah Tabart, in December 2003.


Today, he has established a reputation as the 'Koala Legend'; able to make your wishes come true with a rub of his nose and the dropping of coins into his 'wishing box'. Friends of Harrold have also taken to placing gum leaves in his paw,to stop his belly from grumbling, with people travelling far and wide to 'lunch' with him.

Above, Left: Chloe from Cooran loves Harrold!
Above, Right: Noosa's Mayor Bob Abbot (centre) with, Harrold's namesake Dr. Arthur Harrold (right) & Harrold's scupltor Glenys Lindsay.