Harrold's Forest Koala Tree Planting Program

The Australian Koala Foundation, along with teams of dedicated volunteers, are planting Koala food trees throughout Australia. The planting of new Koala food trees and habitat trees bolster a region's capacity to support Koalas.

The tasks involved include preparing ground, weed control, digging holes, planting trees, follow up maintenance, watering, fencing and general clean up work. Restoration of Koala habitat is vital in fragmented and isolated landscapes.

Many Koala populations are surviving in remnant areas of poor habitat quality as primary habitat mostly existed on the more fertile soils which are now used for farming and residential areas. Restoration and expansion of primary habitat is the goal of our tree planting program. When you plant a tree in Harrold's Forest you will help Koalas in a very direct way by improving and expanding their habitat.

(Above) AKF staff and volunteers prepare areas for tree planting. In some areas fencing is required in the early stages to stop wallabies, hares & possums from nibbling away at the new trees.

(Above) Plantings are monitored regularly, and eventually, when the trees are established, the surrounds, stakes and fences are removed.

(Above) Koala pellets all over the ground - a wonderful thing to see! It is great to come back to a tree planting site, and find evidence of Koalas living in and using the area, and feeding off the new trees that have been planted.

(Above) The maker of the pellets!

(Above & below) Just some of the many volunteers who take part in tree plantings.