Girl Guides Australia

The Australian Koala Foundation and Girl Guides Australia have worked together for many years, and Girl Guides Australia are a valued Gold Sponsor of ours! Girl Guides are important contributors to AKF. Remember every little bit helps, thanks for doing your part to help Save the Koala!




How to participate?  

It’s really easy!

Simply fill out the form below, to order your cute Koala removable tattoos and stickers which will be sent immediately. Then sell the Tattoos at your school or in your local community, maybe even get Mum & Dad to take some to work to sell for you! Then collect all the money you have raised and send it back to us, details on returning your collected funds will be in the pack sent out to you.

Great rewards for you! 

Raise $50 or more and you will receive your very own gorgeous Adopt a Koala Certificate, featuring a real Koala living in an Australian Sanctuary. You can even pay your Koala a visit!

What can you sell?






Product Order Form

To place an order for Wrist Bands, Tattoos, or Stickers please fill out this form below. Thank you for helping to save Koalas. 

Mum and Joey Tattoos x
Arnie Tattoos x
Midriff and Armband Tattoo x
NTNM Sticker
Mixed stickers x
Finger puppets
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