Fundraising made easy

How to participate?

It’s really easy!

Simply fill out the form below, to order your cute Koala removable tattoo and stickers which will be sent in August. Sell the products at your workplace, school, sports club or in your local community, then send the money you have raised and any unsold merchandise back to us!

Details on returning your collected funds will be in the pack sent out to you.

*PLEASE NOTE* - If you don't live in Australia and would like to help, we are happy to send our merchandise to our supporters overseas. Please purchase stickers, finger puppets, teeshirts, household items, and a range of other wonderful products from our online store to sell within your communities OR we encourage you to hold a fundraiser and deposit funds to AKF. Thanks!

Want great rewards?

Simply raise over $200 to receive  your very own gorgeous Adopt a Koala Certificate, featuring a real Koala living in an Australian Sanctuary. You can even pay your Koala a visit!

What can you sell?

Recommended sell prices listed.








Mum and Joey Tattoos x
Arnie Tattoos x
Wattle & Footprint Tattoo x
Finger puppets
NTNM Stickers
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