Create your own fundraiser

Save The Koala Month is in September, but it's never too early to put your thinking caps on and come up with ideas about how to help. Start by ordering a donation box, and then get creative with your event!

Need some inspiration?

Here’s a list of quick, simple ideas that can help you raise much needed funds for the AKF.

  • Host a traditional Australian barbeque. Ask for a gold coin donation, or even pre-order some of our tattoos, stickers and wrist bands.
  • Sell sweets or baked treats around the office. If colleagues can’t come to you, why not walk around the office and go to them? Sweets at your desk = perfect!
  • Get the kids involved and hold a mini carnival in your backyard by playing games such as pin the tail on the donkey, guess how many lollies in the jar or even face painting. Each game can be played with a gold coin donation.
  • September features the AFL and NRL grand finals. Turn your living room into a bar, charge entry prices and sell food and beers!
  • Heading for a night out on the town? Donate $5, which is less than the price of 1 drink, to the foundation.


At the end of September, donate your funds raised to AKF!