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Green Leaf Honour Board 1 of 2

5 – 19 Trees planted

Christoph Wille (Australia)
Happy Birthday, darling! To a brighter, greener future

Margaret Snodgrass (Australia)
(11 trees for Harrold)

Manuela Willems (Netherlands)
In memory of Gilbert Willems

Doreen O’Malley (Australia)
(12 trees for Harrold)

Geertruida E Millar (Australia)

Claudia Bietz (Germany)

Elizabeth Green (Australia)
From all the Family

Margaret Thomas (Australia)

Jutta Dyrchs-Dansen (Australia)

Heather Burns (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Jo-Anne Kocain (England)

Stephanie Menz (Germany)

Katie Cashman (USA)
In lieu of birthday gifts
(10 trees for Harrold)

Robert John Gillespie (Australia)

Ben & Tess Drage (England)

Centralian Motors (Australia)

Jasmine Leena Abrahams (England)

Denise Dixon (Australia)
(15 trees for Harrold)

Vincent & Glynis Braybrook (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Magghie de la Faye (Australia)
(18 trees for Harrold)

From Mr. Brod’s 4 Grade Class (USA)
In memory of Sarah Sykes

Charlie Pullen (USA)
In memory of Watson
(6 trees for Harrold)

Janiece E Neilley (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Masaya Miyazaki (Japan)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Vicki Brooke (Australia)
(9 trees for Harrold)

Jodie Collett (Australia)

West Fernvale Vet Surgery (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Rae Suosaari (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Ken Richards (Australia)

Market Place News & Lotto (Australia)

Soul Pattinson Chemist Coolangatta (Australia)

St Mary’s College Maryborough (Australia)

Greta Newsagency (Australia)

King Island District High School (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Yea High School (Australia)
(13 trees for Harrold)

Lucy & Ruby Enge (USA)
(8 trees for Harrold)

UUCNH Summer Campers 2005 (USA)
(12 trees for Harrold)

Humpty Doo Newsagency (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Shannon Fitzsimmons (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Kingswood College Limited (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Kendra Beck (USA)

Ipswich State High School (Australia)
(15 trees for Harrold)

Shelby Fenicle (USA)
(6 trees for Harrold)

ABC Developmental Learning Centre, Gorman Hill, Bathurst (Australia)

Julie Fletcher (Australia)
(6 trees for Harrold)

Melissa Abercromby (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Kevin Whiteley

Greta Williams (Australia)

Patti Grant (USA)
To the beautiful & peaceful things in life

H P Lowe (Australia)

Olive Radford Royal (USA)
From Mama & Daddy with love to Olive on her 7th birthday

Wilma Johnstone (Australia)

Jade Burch (USA)
On her 6th birthday
(6 trees for Harrold)

Lewis Adey (USA)
In memory of Christina Josephine Foster

Lurlene Clauson (Australia)

The Abbey Family (Australia)

Sherry Luffman (USA)
In memory of Artis L Taylor you were always so full of life, Daddy…. now you will help provide life & live on. I love you always.

Lisa & Mark Harrold (Australia)
Merry Christmas 2006 with love from Shell, Grant, annaliese, Harry and George

Darling Park Newsagency (Australia)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Catherine Thorburn (Australia)
(16 trees for Harrold)

Flynn Chable (Australia)
Happy Christmas, Flynn from Ali Orr

Kellie (Australia)
In memory of Marz Loncar. Thank you for coming into our lives, we will miss you always! From the CMLG Direct Newtown Gang

Kristine Zimmermann (Germany)
(12 trees for Harrold)

Jean-Claude Soulima-Samouillo (Switzerland)
Lots of love to Australian koalas from Swissies

Karen Rutherford (USA)
For our buddies, from me, for Christmas, Tam

The Sandvik Family (USA)
Happy Christmas for you and the Kalli Bears! From Krissi and Ron Kiesz

Marianne Tamburro (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Brynne Albert (USA)
Here’s to your future and the future of others. Love Mom

Marie McGeehan (USA)
In memory of Steve Hapka. To preserve a country he loved.

Maria Serri (USA)
In memory of Vittorio

Diane Barham (USA)
(8 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Brad and Mom. Both are missed.  From Mom/Diane

Shannon and Hannah Bradford (USA)

The Bowles Family (Australia)
In memory of Caleb Michael Scott. For Sonia and Michael – we are thinking of you.

Poppy Tomezak (Australia)
For your christening with love for your future from Eileen and Martin Foster.

Peter Havers (Australia)
So you can leave your mark on Australia. Happy birthday from Alicia, Nick, Letty and Hubert

Ann Barker (Australia)

Shay Holmes (Australia)
In memory of Jane Davey. She found a sanctuary in nature.

Martin Waterworth (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Geoffrey Waterworth

Peninsula Specialist Centre (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Blue and Pete, two wonderful friends

Jennifer Hole (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Moya McCabe (Australia)
To my beautiful Mum – Happy Mother’s Day. I love you!

Mopio-Jane Family (Australia)
In loving memory of Scott Johnson. Have fun amongst the Angels.

Heather & Ron Ingram (Australia)

Therese Hughes (Australia)

Ms Johnson’s Class 2006/2007 of Helen I. Smith Elementary (USA)

Francesca Love and the Children of Love of Learning Montessori School (USA)
(6 trees for Harrold)

Annette Hughes (Australia)

In memory of Anna Baron (USA)
from Carol Rogers, her daughter

In memory of Baby Myrtie (USA)
Your life did make a difference, from Auntie Kellie

In memory of Dumpling, Tweety and Houdini (Taiwan)
A treebute to our brave and beloved kittens who came and went without ever leaving. From Marjan and Marloes

Karen & Peter Batty (United Kingdom)
Congratulation on your wedding 7th September 2007 from The Bryant Family

Colin Denis (USA)

Ruth Pfitzner (Australia)

Rhonda Bast (Australia)
(6 trees for Harrold)

Christa Legrande (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Lori A Cilia and Norton the Cat (USA)

Lucy Catto (United Kingdom)
Happy Christmas – 5 trees will be planted, enough to provide sanctuary for a mum and joey. As a father I coud do no less. From David


Janelle & Charles Vassallo (Australia)
In memory of Stuart Wells Gibson, our dear friend who brightened our lives and has taken the highest road of all!

Andreas Hurtig (Sweden)

Douglas Wilson (Canada)
In memory of Harrold
(10 trees for Harrold)

Janice Mackenzie (Scotland)
In memory of Morag

Shirley Tattam (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Conni Frank (Germany)

Yvonne Berry (England)

Kathleen Sousa (USA)

Upper Derwent Amazon Guides (Australia)

Rory McDonnell (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Stefanie Harris (Australia)
(11 trees for Harrold)

Emily Van Blargan (USA)

The Kool Koalas (England)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Ivy Ollier-Speed (Australia)

Michele Nees (USA)

Evelyn Bast (Australia)
(9 trees for Harrold)

Carly Elizabeth Nicholas (USA)

Matthew & Andrew Bradford (Lightwater, England)

Finn Austin (USA)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Ian Hulands (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Ryan Tuckerman (USA)

Abbie McCrum (Australia)

Greg & Rachael Darby (Australia)
In memory of Scribbly and for Lilly
(12 trees for Harrold)

Melanie Claire Wrigley (United Kingdom)

Jeff Flocken (USA)

Susie Uzzell (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Dominika Jagielska (France)

Jennifer Nona & Robert Haxton (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Scarborough Vet Surgery (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Boonah District Guides (Australia)

Beckenham Primary School (Australia)

Waratah Roadhouse (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Elanora State High School (Australia)
(13 trees for Harrold)

Biggenden Health Service (Australia)
(6 trees for Harrold)

Daylesford Newsagency (Australia)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Glenrose Pharmacy (Australia)

Darwin Newsagency (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Kathy & Joe Rogina (Australia)

Beerburrum State School (Australia)

United Vet – Greencross Vets (Australia)
(9 trees for Harrold)

Patricia Coppage (France)

Mrs J Anderson (Australia)
(18 trees for Harrold)

Gordonvale Brownies & Gumnuts (Australia)

Andrew Rennie (Scotland)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Kate Bassett (USA)
For Sophie Buchanan, with love on the occasion of your christening

Year 8 Environmental Service Team, St Peters Lutheran College Middle School (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Donna McCullough (USA)
In memory of my aunt, Betty Searcy, who loved koalas & supported the AKF

Susan, Linda & Geneva Canton (USA)
(18 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Betty Searcy, our beloved Aunt, who loved koalas.

Andrew & Christine Toner (United Kingdom)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Kaye Briscoe (United Kingdom)

Colin Murray (United Kingdom)

Jan Nagelhout (The Netherlands)
Emmy 25 jaar, van Henny en Jan

Margaret Petrie (Australia)
(15 trees for Harrold)

Catherine Casaz (USA)
(6 trees for Harrold)
In celebration of her birthday

Jemma Houghton (Australia)

Tamsin Nowell (UK)
In honour of the Bonzer’s birthday

Steve Brittain (UK)
In memory of Christine Gladys Mary Brittain – a much loved mother

Ben & Kerry Gonzales (Australia)
In memory of Judith Trask – a life well lived!

Alicia Martello (Australia)
In memory of Steve Irwin – you will be missed!

Molly Hamilton (Australia)

Garran Primary School (Australia)

Cameron Bespolka (United Kingdom)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Andrea Leto (USA)
Merry Christmas from Tana

Keeley Schreiver (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Rahni Shepperbottom

David Lee (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Elizabeth Lee. For someone who was very special from Joan, Vivien and the Lee Family

Ingrid Wilming (The Netherlands)
(12 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Birubi and Squid. Rest in peace dear furry friends

Vicki Alberts (USA)
(15 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Robert William Johnson. Dad, you taught me so much about the beauty of the world!

Derek and Judy (Australia)
Merry Christmas 2006 from Nicole, Eugene and James

Terri Benton (USA)
In memory of my parents, Murray and Helen Newmark from your loving daughter. They started my love of koalas in the 1950’s

Rachael Prosser (Australia)
Happy Valentine’s Day, Lover from Will

Gail Howard (UK)
In memory of George Edward Prosser. I never got the chance to say thank you

Laura Hart (Australia)
In celebration of becoming a mother from Claire Thornhill

Loretta Iffland (Australia)
In memory of Brian Jordan who was highly respected among his work colleagues and will be sorely missed. From Lucy.

James Reichmann (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Happy 1st Birthday 2007. Love from Mummy and Daddy

Annette Gelok (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Galia Berkovich – forever in my thoughts

Noelene Tate (Australia)
(6 trees for Harrold)

Rich Harris (UK)

Samantha Louis, Jillian Fogarty, Sharon Sonbolian (USA)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Corey Aston (United Kingdom)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Happy 4th Birthday from Aunty Kaye and Uncle Jon

Leslie Hung (Canada)

Madison Gilbertson (USA)

Cindy Bingley-Pullin (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

The Amazing Mace (Sweden)
The Force is Strong in this one from the Man with the Hat

Tim Chesterfield (Australia)
For five beautiful years of marriage, let it grow like these trees, I love you …. from you wife, Charlotte.

Geoff & Cathi Lawrence (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Elizabeth Morton (Canada)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Myra Van Every (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Derek Spiller (USA)
Happy Birthday from Caroline

Kiley Bales (USA)

Johnnie and Jenna McGarrity (Australia)
In loving memory of their precious son Jude McGarrity. A precious baby boy to flourish in God’s garden

In memory of Fuzzy Roy (Australia)
Not forgotten, from Dr Vanessa Standing

Magda Maste

rnak (Poland)

Margie Perry (USA)
In honor of your 60th birthday and love for koalas from Nell Lindenmeyer

In memory of Dad, Biggles, Chloe, Mooball and Tarah (Australia)
Never out of my mind or my heart. From Shirley

Elliot Garstang (United Kingdom)
Happy Birthday from the Koalas

In memory of Frank Woodward (Australia)
(6 trees for Harrold)
Goodnight Grandad, with all our love from Rachael and Gail xxxx

In memory of my brother Robert Argent (Australia)
From sister Valerie Palangas


Elyse Marionos (USA)
In memory of Douglas Byron Haynes, may the trees grow tall and strong in your memory

Ruby & Lucy Enge (USA)

Sarah & Steve Young (UK)
In memory of Frank Wheeler

Ally Arana (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Judy Allen (Australia)
In memory of Amy

Brenda McAvoy (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Barbara Riley (Australia)

Janet Maplesden (Australia)

Aren Tulp (USA)

Susan Noel (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Eona Petch (Australia)

Pat Ardner (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Maryse & Eric Aubertin (Austria)

Sadie Malaby (USA)

Doris Brown (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Julie Graham (Australia)

Mr R K Hill (Australia)
In memory of Mrs Hill

Children of the Neuland Schule (Austria)

Sonia Brand-Fisher (USA)

Heather Morgan (Canada)

Megan Petersen (Australia)

Kate Tribe (Australia)

Gabriele Wisternik (Austria)
(10 trees for Harrold)

David and Orna Statter (Israel)
May your forest thrive as our marriage

David & Klara Statter (Israel)
(10 trees for Harrold)
1: In memory of my father, Mark Statter
2: In memory of Dika, our beloved pet, who was a Koala of Honor

Sarah Angle (USA)

Peak Crossing State School (Australia)
(13 trees for Harrold)

Foley’s Newsagency (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Redland Bay News (Australia)

Edmonton News (Australia)

Park Ridge Primary School (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Harold Blunk (Australia)

Belmont State School
Grade 1 Classes
(6 trees for Harrold)

Rolley’s News Mount Isa (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Michelle Kimbacher & Brooweena State School Kids P & C (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Ergon Energy Mackay (Australia)
(11 trees for Harrold)

Tweed Heads South Primary School (Australia)
(12 trees for Harrold)

St Mary’s College Maryborough (Australia)
(12 trees for Harrold)

Lota State School (Australia)
(14 trees for Harrold)

Westpac Banking Corpn (Australia)
(14 trees for Harrold)

Cairns Central Newsagency (Australia)
(15 trees for Harrold)

Year 9 SOSE Class, Wynnum State High School (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Mark C Gunn (Australia)

Susan B Brownlee (United Kingdom)

Isabella Harre (Australia)

Alice Curtis (Australia)

Leanne Dunn (Australia)
(6 trees for Harrold)

Shirley Appleby (United Kingdom)

Yoko Tsukidate (Japan)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Jodie & Stephanie Tomko (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Emmy van de Merwe (The Netherlands)
for all the Lulu’s in the world!

Deborah Tabart (Australia)
In memory of Don Willsford

Henry Hunt (USA)

Neville & Sally Cook (Australia)
(9 trees for Harrold)

Caitlin Blematl (Australia)

Hannah Nowell (UK)
In honour of the Bonzer’s birthday

Andrea DeVere (UK)
Happy Birthday from Rachel and Adam

Tove Ottosson (Sweden)

Hope Option School (USA)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Tim von Prollius (Australia)
Happy Christening 5th November 2006 from your Godmother, Muireann

Trish O’Keeffe (Australia)
In fond memory of Liam O’Keeffe and his love of the outdoors from your loving family

Kim Borg (Australia)

Margie and Alan Lucas (Australia)
Merry Christmas, I think of you often from Bruce Harlow
(8 trees for Harrold)

Tom Tidd (USA)
I love you, Dad. From Jill

Michelle Taylor (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Jack, my best friend

Elizabeth Daly (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Marlo deLara-Wisniewski (USA)

Ivo Fuhrer (Switzerland)

J Shorten (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Santa

Martin Cedergren (Sweden)
(19 trees for Harrold)
Ari, are you leaving the agency …? Let’s hug it out and good luck mate from your buddies at Forsman & Bodenfors

Kenneth Sweeney (Australia)

Carolyn Barthel (Germany)
To my little niece who was born on Australia Day 2005. Happy 2nd Birthday. Lots of love from your Aunt Edeltraud

Georgie, Don & Lilla Phillips-Ferguson (Australia)
In memory of Elizabeth Saxton. A loving and courageous sister, lover of nature and always remembered

Greg Atkinson (Canada)
He who plants a tree, plants a hope. From Katie Luong

Victoria Golden and Simon Glass (UK)

Kim, Marc & Dane Duda (USA)
To always remember your visit with Blossum from Kendra and Peter

The Bruce Family (Australia)

Valerie Palangas (Australia)
In memory of my mother Alison Moore. Wish you were here to see how my life is going

To Sharon Wilkie – this tree is my lifetime gift to you.

Madonna and Grant (Australia)

Phil & Mel Rapley (Australia)
In memory of Noah Philip Rapley. An angel in the book of life wrote down Noah’s birth and whispered as he closed the book, “too beautiful for this earth”. Love from Sandra, Jason, Alexis and Antonia

Karen Richardson (Australia)
Happy Mother’s Day 2007 “Go Cats” from Brooke

Mrs Mary Ann Kelly, Mrs Eva Hannon and Families (USA)
In memory of Aunt Tessie Lenartowicz. From Audrey Sefjack, Lorraine, Elke and Robert McGregor-Lowndes

Rob McGregor-Lowndes (Australia)
In memory of Val Dougherty (my ironing lady). Thanks for the memories – you will be missed.

In memory of John Ashmore (Australia)
With love and fond memories From Audrey Sefjack, Lorraine, Elke and Robert McGregor-Lowndes

Ida Di Vicino (United Kingdom)

In memory of Erika Lee Kovacs (Australia)
To celebrate Erika’s 21st birthday and remember her life from Darren, Michelle, Katie and Sam

In memory of David Banks (USA)
A great mentor and friend, from Therese, Kishore, Hazel, Terry, Jeanette and Helen

Arthur Daniel Groves (USA)
Happy 17th Birthday from Mom and Dad

In memory of Eva Reading (Australia)
A precious angel who will never be forgotten , from Eve, Otis and Aisha Binnie

In memory of Eric Simpson (Australia)
From Hugh’s friends in the Illawarra

James Mulcahey (USA)
(14 trees for Harrold)

Nils, Jona and Jule Niemeier (Germany)

Gil Rich and Moss Green (USA)
Season’s Greetings with all our love from Marcia & Graham

Shane Rich and Marian Fink (USA)
Season’s Greeting with all our love from Marcia and Graham

Mrs Lorna Hewitt (United Kingdom)

Mr Franz Jung (Germany)
(6 trees for Harrold)
For your 60th Birthday from Nicole, Alice, Anette and Klaus

Allison Russell (USA)
In memory of Kira (USA)

Dr Judith Marlowe (Australia)
Thank you for your contribution to the 4th Australasian Newborn Hearing Screening Conference 2007. From The National Newborn Hearing Screening Committee

Gwendoline Peters (Australia)
(15 trees for Harrold)

The Mucha Family (USA)

Wendy O’Day (Australia)

Hannah (Australia)

Wolfgang Gies (Germany)

In memory of Ursula Gies (Germany)
My never forgotten wife – gone seven years ago. From Wolfgang Gies

Lisa Hague & Andrew Beveridge (United Kingdom)

The Hoole Family (Australia)

The Bryant Family (Australia)

Lynn Hora (Australia)
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. From Mark and Chris

In memory of Arthur Jones (Australia)
A brave and gentle man who loved animals. From Lynn

Kenneth Sweeny (Australia)
(15 trees for Harrold)

Nina Sirvio (Finland)

Donna Pyett (United Kingdom)
Happy Birthday, darling. Happy memories of our trip to Australia 200

Nila and Jaidy Chambers (Australia)

Nina K Chung (USA)

In memory of Lila Pine (Australia)
In honour of a great gardener. From The Scott Family

Warrem and Barbara Alston (Australia)
(13 trees for Harrold)

Marianne Strauss (Canada)
Life goes on…. From Marie-Eve Andre

Hayley Steels (United Kingdom)

Jacob King & Lara Payne (Australia)
(7 trees for Harrold)

In memory of David Marcus German (Australia)
I find an old photograph and see your smile. as I feel your presence anew, I am filled with warmth and my heart remembers love. From Mum

Laura Tregoning (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Hordern Family (Australia)

Johan Sjovall (Sweden)
Happy Birthday bro! From Viggo, Harriet, Anna, Jonas

Karen Norman (USA)

Nikola Najdoski (Australia)

Corey Lindsey (USA)

Sue Holden (Australia)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Rod Smith (Australia)
Happy Father’s Day, Dad!. From Judy

Zac and Levi Gosatti (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)
On your christening – to celebrate your precious lives and the precious world around you! From The Clayton and Youngs Families (Lou, Chris, Anna, Dan, Katy, Charlie, Anna, Evie and Isla

C Booth (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Eileen & Lou (United Kingdom)
Happy Christmas from Janis & Trev

Brian & Bobby Coughlan (United Kingdom)
Happy Christmas from Janis & Trev

Janis Coughlan (United Kingdom)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Happy Christmas from Trev

Anna Alexander (Australia)
(9 trees for Harrold)

Diana Hubbard (Australia)
From Sheila & Allan Rostron

Nev Cotterell (Australia)
(9 trees for Harrold)

Dirk & Viv de Rooy (Australia)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Iines Karvinen (Finland)
Hyvaa1 1. Jouluasi Iines! Pidetaan yhdessa huolta maailmasta, jotta sinakin voit jonakin paivana nahda koalan (tante Hanna lempielain). From Tante Hanna

In memory of Elena Marie Petit (USA)
A very special, loving aunt who is missed dearly. From Jennifer & Johnny

In memory of Judy Mitchell (Australia)
Thank you for your laughter and joy, have a wonderful journey. From Kathy & Lizzie

Alison & Todd (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Congratulations lovers! Wishing you a happy and loving journey through life together. From Sybilla and William

In memory of Brian Peter Taylor (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
In celebration of Brian’s life. From your friends at Stryker

Mark & Lynn East (USA)
(8 trees for Harrold)
Happy 41st Anniversary. From your boy!

The Thomas-Hunter Family (Australia)

Andrew McDonald (United Kingdom)

In memory of Morgan James Hill (Australia)
In loving memory of a dear friend…. May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and rains fall soft upon your fields. Until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand. Love Luce xxx

Catherine Southwood (Australia)
Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for being the most wonderful mum ever! I love you lots and lots and lots! From Tilly xx

Axel Wiehagen (Germany)
They can’t eat money so it’s better to donate it to plant trees

In memory of John Newman (Australia)
“Of all man’s work of art, a cathedral is greatest. A vast and majestic tree is greater than that” Beecher

Jude Anthony Lee Atkinson (Australia)
May you grow up in a world full of nature. From Kirsten & Allen

Eumarella Shores – Noosa Lake Retreat(Australia)

Julie Burnham (Australia)

Judy O’Brien (Australia)

In memory of Bazza the Koala (died 18/9/09) (Australia)
You are our green hero – you won’t have died in vain. From Spoonbill Street, Peregian Beach

In memory of Tecoma Girl (Australia)
North Peregian sadly misses your beautiful personality. From North Beregian Beach (QLD) residents

Oma (Australia)
Love you and I know you love Australian wildlife. From Jace

The Henry Family (Australia)

In Memory of Sally Tawse (Australia)
The Eucalyptus trees will grow as a living memory of Sally and her love, like the Koala of Aussie Eucalyptus. From Sally’s Australian Family xoxox

Randy Hodge (USA)
You’re Old. From Link and Paul

Esther Vaughan (Australia)

Carolyn Scott (Australia)

Robyn Scott (Australia)

In memory of Billie – Elizabeth Duffin (Australia)
Beloved wife of Shaun Desmond Duffin and cherished sister in law, Aunt and Great Aunt. From all her family

Miranda Groen (The Netherlands)
(15 trees for Harrold)

Anthony Moss (United Kingdom)
Merry Christmas from Verity and James

Patricia Munro (Australia)

Anne Sanderson (Australia)

Anne Sanderson (Australia)

Shirley J Whelan (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

1st Mosman Brownies (Australia)

Peter, Mary, Claire, Tim, Mark & Ben (Australia)
Have a wonderful Christmas from Kim & Ross xx

Lovable Marsupial (Australia)
Merry Christmas Mama from Luscious Crops xx

Mrs Philippa Mickley (Australia)

Eva Sasfy (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Margaret & Richard Hayter (Australia)
Merry Christmas. Love from Graham & Margie

All Aspects Solutions (Australia)

Sylvie Mabboux-Albert (France)

Matthieu Vangeleyn (United Kingdom)
Douce annee 2010 a toi, une “Momo” et son Joey. From your Mum

Jan Brunckhorst (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Lilo Karatschai (Australia)
Who loved life to the fullest and brought joy to the lives of all who knew her. From Lama Shono & Ilke Onur

In memory of Elizabeth Trevaskis (Australia)
May your beautiful nature continue in Earth’s garden. From The House of Dreams

Mary A White Environmental Club (USA)

Milieuraad Mater Dei (Belgium)

Dannielle Bulhagiar (Australia)
Happy Queen’s Birthday. From David

Debra Emonson (Australia)

The Le Lohe Family (United Kingdom)

The De Bruin-Elling Family (Australia)

Emily Kate Mitchell (UK)
(10 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Hollis Cecil Bodie – forever and always.

In memory of Marion Catherine Stokes (USA)
We are all thinking of you during this time. Warmest regards from your Hyatt family at the Omaha Reservation Centre

Elfe Peters (Germany)

Marc Heydens (Belgium)
(11 trees for Harrold)

Edvard Nordenskjold (Sweden)

Colleen Wysser-Martin(Switzerland)
(10 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Alan Toy (Australia)
With these trees you will provide a home like you did for us. From The Toy Family

Heather Orr (USA)
Happy Birthday! From Flameout

Christopher McLean (Australia)
Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary form Lila xxxx In memory of Hollis Cecil Bodie – forever and always.

Youqing Chen (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)
Thank you for taking care of me during the whole year

Peter McCombe (Australia)
A very Merry Christmas and New Year with your family. Best wishes from Jan and Helen

Joy, Coral, Harmony Geiger (Australia)
Thank you from your Mummy Moo

Sue Shaw (United Kingdom)
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Linda & Martin

Mark & Karin Setchell (Australia)
For your future together – from Dad and Glenys

Katie Luong (Canada)
From Kim Pearson, Scott Wood & Danny Do Couto

William Conway (Canada)
To my Aussie “Koala” Husbane, a belated Happy Birthday! From Alice Korman

Anne Fritz (Sweden)
Congratulations Mum! Celebrating your birthday is helping the koalas! From Lina Fritz

In celebration of the marriage of Bruce and Sandra on 21st May 2011 (Australia)
From Laurelle Johnstone

Lina Fritz (Australia)
Happy Birthday! From Mamma och Simon

Mrs Merele Webb (Australia)
Happy 80th Birthday from one nature lover to another. From Alice Jane

Kelly Grief (USA)
(7 trees for Harrold)

The Lindsey Family (USA)
A little bit of Australia will be with you forever. From Mary-Anne and Stephen Page

Edda Maxwell (Australia)
For Gero & Natalie

Esfir Parliman (Russian Federation)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Joan Wilson (Australia)

Joseph Herbias (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Elizabeth Bird (Australia)
‘G’ always there for you, love from Peter, Vanessa & Harley xxx

Angela Quinton (Australia)

Jenny Ho (USA)

The Andersen Family (Australia)

In memory of Charles Hermanowski (USA)
“I will always love you! From Kim Hermanowski

Dave Dilger (Australia)

Deb & Lionel Wickham (Australia)

Caroline Seger (Australia)

Sandra L Bell (Australia)

In memory of Alma Edith Fox (Australia)
Mother to many, you gave selflessly to your family. From your many descendants.

In memory of Anita Cumerlato (nee Borthwick) (Australia)
We will always remember and miss you Zia. Now a precious angel in heaven. From Callan and Madeleine

Leena Gowrisankaran (USA)
Hi Leena, I’m glad you care about koalas. Hugs from Grandma

The Garneau Family (Canada)
Merry Christmas and hapy koala saving from Australia! From Caro & Simon

Andrew Nielsen (Canada)
Happy Birthday to you – and the koalas. From Mum and Dad

Leslie Wright and Carol Stoyla (USA)
Merry Christmas! From Billing Data Entry Department

Mum, Stewart, Polly and Hamish (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas from Lincoln

Judith Kennedy (Australia)

Richard Rayward (USA)

Paula Syer (Australia)

Jennifer Humowiecki (Australia)

Peter Johnston (Australia)

In memory of Zephyr (Australia)
With love from Jeremy and Melanie.

In memory of Rebecca M Huntsman (USA)
We love yo uand we miss you.  From Marti and Dennis Hollo.

In memory of Doug Nelson (USA)
You will be dearly missed by those whose lives you touched.  From Tarsha Ebbern.

In memory of Bob Curtis (Australia)
From Stuart and Tina

In memory of Wilfred Buechel (Australia)
From Tina and Stuart

In loving memory of Halle Rose Baker (Australia)
Precious daughter of Clair and Ken Baker, little sister of Erica.  Forever in our hearts.  Love Matthew, Cathy and Maximus xxxx

Riley Bush (Australia)
Happy Birthday Riley.  Love from Mooma and Pop.

In memory of Rita & Bob Baird (Australia)
Forever in my thoughts.  From Vicki Baird.

Angela McKay (Australia)

The Kerns Family (USA)

Alex Larkin (Dubai)
I so want your grandchildren to see koalas in the wild.  From your Mum xx

Anne Griffin (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Sarah, Phil, Owen, Liam, Dylan and some wild Australian koalas! xxxxxx

E.H. Colt (USA)
What goes around, comes around, mate!  From Jane.

The Bundenthal Family (USA)

Jay Falter (Australia)

In memory of John Ballentine (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Rest in Peace – you will be missed.  From Tom, Beth, Ryan, Heather and Holly Ballentine

Al Lennie(Canada)
Happy Father’s Day, Dad.  From Joe, Maria, Jaslyn & Molly

Reegan Walker (Australia)
In celebration of your graduation from university.  From Christine, Grace and Brooke.

Yuichi Kawasaki (Japan)

Clara from (Canada)

Minnie Tsz-Ying Chau(Canada)

In memory of Uncle Norm Varcin (Australia)
From the Wardill Family

Louise Beckett & Laura Rogers (United Kingdom)

Margaret Warnick(Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday from Colin and Sarah

Celeste Pola (Australia)
Happy Birthday Celeste.  To greener future birthdays.  From Emma Vaughan.

In memory of David D Pierson (Australia)
To Edith W Pierson from Neda.

Liz Bosler (Australia)

Caitlin Bryce (Australia)

Alicia Garbutt (Australia)

Carole Lowde (Australia)

In memory of Kathy Barlow (Australia)
These trees are a perfect living memorial to a very special lady, and it is in keeping with her love of koalas.  From Uncle Jack and family.

Rohan Griffiths (Australia)

David Lissek (Australia)

In memory of Keiran J Twigg (Australia)
For giving me a reason to smile every day.  From your Soul Sister Kris

Tessa Carey (Australia)

Gavin Loft (United Kingdom)

Jayrod & Jennifer Garrett (USA)

Sarah & Mike Aldridge (United Kingdom)
Congratulations on your wedding day!  From Alex, Hilary and Ralph Best.

Jean-Claude Bonnet (Australia)
C’est pas un cactus mais c’est australien.  From ton australienne de fille

Lees Chemart Pharmacy Revesby (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Jay Bien (Australia)
Celebrating 5 wonderful years of marriage.  From Julie.

Carol Vines (Mum) (Australia)
Something I know is very close to your heart.  Merry Christmas from Kathy, John, Kayden and Jonah.

Niels Berger (Sweden)
(7 trees for Harrold)
God jul och gott nytt ar arf och mor.

Ron and Linda Ferring (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas from Kirstan and Joe.

The Wright Family (Australia)
Happy Christmas from Mum and Dad.

Jessica Doolan (Australia)
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.  Hopefully Santa will be extra good to you.  From your Secret Santa xx

Jon & Romeo Howarth (Australia)
So you can show Romeo how much you love animals and how important they are.  From Sophia

Vicki Jones (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Mumma Jude and Andy

Cassie, Amy, Hannah, Carlee, Kahem, Nadia, Eloise, Roxanne, Tyson, Marley, Lola, Caitlin and Elysee (Australia)
(13 trees for Harrold)
Planting a tree for each of you to help the koalas.  From Sandra

In memory of Hazel Coates (Canada)
Beloved Grandma of Jason Coates.  From Crystal Geran.

In memory of Toby Patrick Russell (Australia)
A special little angel.  From Samantha, Stephen, Emily & Phiippa Ning.

Candice Bartlett (Australia)
(9 trees for Harrold)
These trees will hold a lot of problems.  From Alex Urquhart

Vanessa Felkai (Australia)

Bobby Conroy (United Kingdom)

In memory of Sam Severino (Australia)
May these trees grow in memory of you.  From Mary & Mark Renzi.

Kenna Robinson (Canada)

In memory of Patrick Monroe Martin (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
In loving memory of Husband, Father and Friend.  From your friends at Craig: Lili C, Pat G, Kim K, Sinisa L, Patrick M, Mark W, Dom Z.

Wakerley/Manski Families (Australia)

In memory of Lewis Gene Armstrong (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
From Harry, Greta and Franwyn

Barbara Folga (Poland)

Shaun & Amy (Australia)
To love and be loved is the pinnacle of happiness.  Congratulations from Amy and Scott.

Haze Marsh (United Kingdom)
Happy Birthday!  From Margaret & Scott Harden

Tara & Barney (United Kingdom)
Lots of love from Pam

In memory of Braham Pearlman (Australia)
(7 trees for Harrold)
To you and your family we’re sending much love.  From your friends at Lionsgate.

Naveen & Askash (USA)
Peace, Love, Understanding.  From Mama (Usha)

Alice Betty Rose & Ava Lilly Scout Budzyna-Dawidowski (United Kingdom)
These trees are being planted in memory of your special day.  We hope one day you will travel to Australia to see them.  Lots of love from Cam and Stew.

Andrew Lockey (United Kingdom)
Happy Birthday from Carol and Rob

In memory of Loretta Moran (Australia)
In memory of our loving mother on Mother’s Day and every single Mother’s Day forever.  From Anthony & Ashlea Moran.

Weldon & Kathryn (Australia)
With love on your wedding day!  From Karen xoxo.

Anna Szczegielniak & Karol Palka (Poland)

‘The trip. Our trip’

In memory of Gracia Llorca Adreit and Louis Adreit (France)
We miss you so much.  You are with us forever.  vous nous manquez tellement.  Vous etes avec nous pour toujours.  From karen Janet.

Christine Buckland (Australia)
Happy Birthday Mum.  From Kenny Buckland.

Julie Herbert & Family (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Thank you for your love and support helping save our precious koalas.  Big koala hugs and love from Wendy Davison and the koalas.

In memory of Colin Patterson Gordon (Australia)
Thank you for your happy-go-lucky nature, your laugh, sense of humour and friendship.  From Melissa & Richard, Christine & Shaun, Corinee & Mike, Ilona & Lada, Bernice & Kev.

Bryan and Michelle Blackall (Canada)

In memory of Mary Rushe (Australia)
Gran, Mary, Mother – we think you would have loved to have been part of this.  There will be more trees for koalas thanks to you.  From Hugo and Charlie

Colme Rushe –  thought this would be a lovely thing to do for your lovely mother.  From Wendy-Mae

The Lendway Family (USA)

Barbara Thomas (Australia)

The Bell Family (Australia)

Martine & Daniel Chevrot (France)
Que ces 5 arbres deviennent aussi grands que votre amour afin que perdure la vie des koalas comme perdurera votre mariage!.  From Marie, Stig, Julia & William.

Mayumi Sofia Desmond (Australia)
Congratulations little Mayumi Sofia on your special day.  We hope our gift to you gives much love and happiness.  From Leonie and Maxim Jones

Jean-Baptiste Gleize and Steve Bergeron (Canada)

In memory of Russell “Bear” Sherwood (United Kingdom)
Much loved and much missed companion.  From Steve Brittain.

Ellie and Grace Brecht (USA)
I know how much you love koalas so I am making a donation in your names.  From Grandma Pat.

Laurence Mooney (Australia)
In memory of those koalas that lost their lives in the plantation in SW Victoria.  Hope this sort of destruction will not reoccur.

Pamela Diana Lisicka (United Kingdom)
Love and support for all the animals worldwide.  From Pam

In memory of Michael James Ashton (United Kingdom)
This gift is to say how much we miss you.  Lots of love Liz and Ma

Everyl Talyor (Australia)
Merry Christmas Grandma.  From Polly, Alys & Jem.

Jo Jo (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Chris.

Sharon Douglas (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Brad Douglas.

Diane Murphy (Australia)

Tony Purcell, Wendy George, Brian Forbes, Ben Hayes, Mark Bindley (Australia)
Merry Christmas SB Staffroom 2014
.  From Skye Thompson.

Colleen Ward (Australia)
Happy Christmas from Mike.

Dad (Australia)
Merry X-mas from Courtney.

In memory of Edna Williams (Australia)
You are always in my heart.  From Karenne Graham.

Aaron Webber (Australia)
To Cutie, happy birthday from wi-fey xoxo.

Mario/Janet/Sebastian/Melanie/Jean (Germany)
From Lena.

In memory of Lottie Locke (Australia)
In memory of my dear frined Lottie – I will miss our little chats.  From Millie Dovey.

Liz Hutchinson (Australia)

In memory of Marcus Gast (Australia)
From The Woo Family.

In memory of Dylan Mitchell (USA)
We are spreading around the love we will always have for you, in your honor.  From Juliette, Cyndy and Joe Legault.

Kawalie (USA)
Thank you for all the dewicious treets.  From Snapper.

In memory of Jean Luff (United Kingdom)
In memory of friendship.  From Irene Davies

Koala Kids Stall (Australia)
(11 trees for Harrold)

Donna Katsoolis (Australia)

In memory of Ashlee Lauren Breust (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Those we love don’t go away.  They walk beside us every day.  Unseen, unheard but always near.  Loved and missed but always near.  From Bam, John, Victoria and Christopher Toth.

Jackie Hannan (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Angie McKay (Australia)

Diana Tomkins (Australia)

Mike Geary (USA)
Happy Valentine’s Day from Susan.

Anna Mullins (Australia)
Tibi magno cum amor.  From Simon Rabagliati.

Christine L Ezzy (Australia)

Jasper Davis (Canada)

Isabelle Delval (France)

Robert & Geraldine Johnson (Australia)

Carol Hudson  (Australia)

In memory of Alena (Australia)
Forever loved.  From your loving Mother.

In memory of Greg Jarvis (Australia)
A man for all seasons and reasons.  From Kate Smith.

Leah Williams (Australia)

The Greck Family (Australia)

In memory of Bruce St Clair (Australia)
Always loved, never forgotten.  From Nelly.

Anne Finnegan (Australia)
Happy 60th Birthday Mum xxx.  From Fiona, Darren, James & Eiren Chamley xxxx.

Rod & Myrtle Cruice (Australia)
Commemorating our 25th Anniversary.

In memory of Sebastian Paul Bodey (Australia)
From The Coffee Girls

Matt Farr (Australia)
More bunnying and scaks opportunity for our little friends.  From Milena.

John Draves (Australia)

Creative Montessori School (USA)
From the White Class

Naveen Stewart (USA)
Happy Birthday to the lover of all things koala!.  From Usha, Aakash and “Kwai”.

Harlan Dennis Michael Bradley (Australia)
Welcome to the world little buddy.  Here’s to making it a bit bear-ter, one step at a time.  The Tree team.

In memory of Mayra Lorie (USA)                               Mom was the most passionate animal lover I niew.  She would be honored to know that in spirit she can benefit animal welfare.  From Maynel Lorie.

Martin Cedergren (Sweden)
Happy 40 Mate!  From Jonas & Anna

Kim & John Petterson (Australia)

Stephanie Silvaggi (Australia)
You are such a caring person.  You wnat to help everyone.  Good luck with everything!!.  From your Mum, Julie Silvaggi.

Martina Klarica (Australia)
Od tvog mede.  From Luca.

Ciuffo (Italy)
Ho pianato 5 alberi per dirti buon compeanno.  Con tato amore.  From Fra.

In memory of George Ernest Quinn (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)
Dad you are dearly loved and missed each day.  From Sharyn & Michele Quinn.

James Ewan Grant (Australia)                                      Lots of love on your baptism.  May you bloom, grow and flourish as this gift does.  From Aunty Jane.





















In memory of Trevor William Annetts (Australia)
A living testament to his love of the forest. From Rob, Morag and Family

Dr Ken Pool (Australia)
Thank you for your contribution to the 4th Australasian Newborn Hearing Screening Conference 2007. From The National Newborn Hearing Screening Committee

In memory of Dan (Australia)
Our thoughts are with you. From friends and co workers at LBSOM

Ronit & Natanya Schorr (USA)
Love from Norman Shore

In memory of Ruby Frances Steiner (Australia)
From Yui & Akio

Miss J Molloy (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

The Parry Williams Kids (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Moffat Narangba Team (Australia)

In memory of Dan (Australia)
Our thoughts are with you. From friends and co workers at LBSOM

In memory of Linda Elizabeth Griffiths (Australia)
Mum/Gramma – loving, loved and greatly missed. From Angela, Simon and her ‘little people’ – Evan, Lloyd and Nat

John Clerke (Australia)
Merry Christmas, with love from Claudia

Chris, Janne, Jennifer, Shona & Robyn Lawley (Australia)
A very Merry 2007 Koala Christmas from Kim and Ross

Patrick Hofmann and Mario Paez (United Kingdom)
With huge amounts of love from Annie

QA Dept – Wella (Australia)
Merry Green Xmas from Adrian Smith

Megan Conley (Australia)
From all your friends at Currumbin

Students of Isa Eyre Ballet Academy (Palm Beach) (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Five trees to help the koalas. From Isa Eyre

Samuel Richard D’Ascoli (USA)
To my animal loving boy! From Your Mom

Jo Gardner (United Kingdom)
With blessings and love from Sue

Ben Reid (Australia)
Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary from Neeno

In memory of Jake the Golden Retriever (Australia)
He shared his life and affection with many people, all of whom loved him dearly. From Helen and Margaret

In memory of Dawn Brien (Australia)
A lovely lady filled with strength, wisdom & grace who will be missed by all who knew and loved her. From Robyn Wardill

In memory of Nicole Sabella McConnell (USA)
Thanks for the good times. From Stephanie Lynes Dowd

In memory of William Torey (Australia)
You will always be remembered, William. From The Storah Family

Thelma Tedder (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Dan and Elise (Australia)
Congratulations on your engagement! From Amy and Shaun.

Greg Yeates (Australia)
To a great Dad who loves the bus. From your bushwalking companion.

In memory of Nicholas Bowkett and Suzan Bowkett (Australia)
I will always remember you. Love Natalie.

Sarah & Geoff Colgate (Australia)

In memory of Dr Hazel Gore (Australia)
From Jessica Kuykendall

Koala Class, Coupals Primary School (United Kingdom)

Kai Gopalan (Singapore)
Happy Birthday from Uncle Ian

Garick and Candy Kea (Australia)
Congratulations from Ian

Melissa Reilly (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Hazel & Chris

Tom Mangan (United Kingdom)
With love on your 2nd birthday (4/11/08) from Mum and Dad.

Adam, Vanessa, Tayla, Lauchie and Lucy (Australia)
Have a wonderful Christmas. From Nonna & Grandfather

Andrew & Christine Haughton (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Kate & Jai

The Family of Jones et al (Australia)
Merry Christmas with a little less … that gives more. From Mum, G/ma and G/G/ma

Ken, Cathi, Matt Sarah & Nana (Australia)
Wishing you all the very best for the silly season. Looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year. From Mark Hora

Alison & Todd (Australia)
Congratulations on their wedding day. From Meridan

In Memory of Royce Ciaran McCarthy (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)
To the McCarthy family with love, our thoughts are always with you. From Aunts and Nieces

Yuko Abe (Japan)

John Baldacchino (Australia)

Celia Stuary-Powles (USA)

Stefano Fiorani & Serena Grande (Australia)

Jan, Gary & Adam Brunckhorst (Australia)
a gift for my Aussie friends. From Andrew, your UK friend!!

Michele R Scott (USA)

St Paul the Apostle School – First Grade Class 2009 (USA)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Emelia Bessant (Australia)
Happy Mother’s Day from Catherine

Sophie (Australia)
Wishing you a happy and safe first year… and all the gumleaves you can eat! From Sarah

Sophie Eskenazi (USA)

Gunvor Kling (Sweden)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Pa Morsdag 2009 from Johan & Linda

Megan Spooner (USA)

Michael Rullmann (Germany)
Thank you for two wonderful years of marriage. I love you! From Bianca

John Boyle (Australia)
(15 trees for Harrold)

Gilbert Ouellet (Canada)
(18 trees for Harrold)

Kristine May (Australia)

Caroline Box (Australia)

Steph Smith (Australia)

Jace & Kyle Martin (Australia)
Helping to save the koalas. From Sandra Martin

Charlie Shumack (Australia)
Happy environmentally friendly 18th birthday. From your environmentally friendly mum. xo

In memory of Tanatcha Horchalurn (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Luv u forever – from Jonathan Beyer

Elizabeth Gifford (Australia)

William & Lorene Barin (Australia)

Shelli Giosis (Australia)
Loving you eternally….like a koala loves gum trees! From Sebby

Billy and Kelly (Australia)
With love & best wishes for a very Happy Christmas 2009 from Mum and Dad

Katherine G Fisher (USA)
Merry Christmas from Gigi

Dr Helen Box (Australia)
Congratulations and best wishes for 2010. From Caroline

Simon Smith (Switzerland)
I believe if you do good things good things will happen to you. Koala karma. From FDMV

Marg Lane (Australia)
Merry Christmas lovely Mog. From Helen, Tony, Wolfie, John and Daisy Button

Anna-K Stein (Germany)
(6 trees for Harrold)

Doug Quinnell and Family (United Kingdom)
(6 trees for Harrold)
Hi guys – Happy Christmas – planted 1 tree for each of you. From Uncle Wuz, Aunty Di and Biscuit xx

Myra Vaughan (Australia)
Merry Christmas. Love from Graham & Margie


Family (United Kingdom)

Ann Gormley (Australia)

Michelle Leck (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
May all the leaves on Harrold’s trees bring you love, good health & happiness. From Lyn & Howard

Geoff Ewart (Australia)
Happy Birthday, these trees will improve habitat in Australia, feed koalas and offset your carbon footprint, so come and visit! From Fiona, Roland, Aidan and Lachlan xx

Geoffrey & Janelle Mack (Australia)
Congratulations on your wedding day, with all our love, from Brian, Jenny, Clare & Robert

Michele Hetherington (Australia)

Anthony Mackay (Australia)
To celebrate your 50 years as an Earthling. From Trish White

In memory of Billy & Stevie Hore (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)
These beautiful, little koalas did more for me than I did for them. From Boyd Hore (their carer)

In memory of my late uncle Wallace M Hore. Miss you – from Boyd Hore


The Payne-Brown Family (USA)

Dorothy Lorraine Michaels (Australia)

In loving memory of Wayne Bennett (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
An innovator and true Aussie Bushman. From Chris, Bob and Jess Cameron

In memory of Callum Henry Sheldon (Australia)
Forever in our hearts. From Penny, Brian and Matthew Chow

In memory of Ms Valerie Plumb (Australia)
Val always loved and protected Australian wildlife. From Ian Colley

Joan Shenton (Australia)
Happy 80th Birthday from The Pickerills

Louise Maley (Australia)
We give you this tree instead of a card for environment’s sake. Our love to the birthday girl – from Cathy and Les

Sara Joanne Lewthwaite (Australia)

In memory of Werner Alois Walczyszewski (Austria)
(10 trees for Harrold)
You will be remembered in Australia. From Wolfgang Veitschegger

Milena Trkulja (Australia)

Libby & Jeremy Stubbs (Australia)
Merry Christmas! All my love from Solly

The Tang Family (Australia)

Aniko Hildebrand (Norway)

Loren and Sam Henry (Australia)
May koalas always be in the trees when you go to Noosa!! From Janet, Bish & Charlotte xxx

The Gillespies & The Bishops (Australia)
(6 trees for Harrold)
Happy Christmas one and all. From Mark, Janet and Charlotte xx

Leo Paul Postle (Australia)
To celebrate your birth on 2 September 2010. From Des and Caroline

Veronique Kuijer (The Netherlands)

Mr & Mrs Jeffs (Australia)

Carole Cooper (Australia)
Thought this would be a good Christmas present. From Aileen

In memory of Poppy (Australia)
Glad we got to spend some time together – I know how special I was to you – I will always love you. From Keisha

Isabelle Reid (Canada)

Petra Schlauri (Switzerland)

Czarina Manahan (Australia)

The Lie Family (Australia)

Megan Smith (Australia)

Colin Davies (Australia)

Friends and family of Tamlin and Kent (Australia)
Thank you for sharing in our special day!

Antony Paglino (Australia)

Renee S (USA)

L Gryparis (Australia)

Lidiya Kreidlina (USA)
In loving memory of our kind and caring grandma. From Mark & Leo

Mr & Mrs Malone (Czech Republic)

Paul Rich (Australia)

Steven Kitley (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Jade & Abby (Australia)
Much love from Liz and Peter

Ariel (Australia)
Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary 28th August 2011. From Victoria, your wife and friend always

Brad (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Steve

Isobel Pert (Australia)
Congratulations on your 80th birthday. From Judy Fasanelli

Robert Crump (Australia)
Happy Father’s Day, Dad! From Natalie

Grace Toolis (Ireland)
Happy Birthday from Mark!

Amber Johannesen (Australia)
Happy 20th Birthday from Billy Rogers

Bessi Shiroki (USA)

My daughter Kadence Braga (USA)
I love you very much, you have such a big heart. From Mommy and Daddy

Jordan & Amy (Australia)

Mark & Michelle (Australia)

Adam A Smith (Australia)

Shannon Dillard Mitchell (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Christmas 2011 from Allison & Tony

In memory of Baby Rosie (United Kingdom)
I dedicate these trees to my beloved baby, Rosie. Little butterfly, I love you so much. I pray that you rest in peace and love with God. Lots and lots of love, Mum xxx. From Kate Tansley

Ron & Linda Ferring (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas from Joe

Will, Zara and Mya Heath (Australia)
Koala trees from three of our favourite little koalas. From Claire and Dave xoxoxo

The Le Lohe Family (United Kingdom)

Michelle Barton (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Brian Sharp (Australia)
To help the koalas.  From your loved ones.

In memory of Olga Wyer (Australia)
We will never forget the fond memories of Grandma Wyer.  She had great character and a big heart.  From the Hamilton kids: Adam, Amy, Emmas, Shaun and Hayley.

Ciara Bridget Baldwin (Australia)
For our own baby ‘koala’ Ciara on out 5th wedding anniversary.  From Stuart and Shauna Baldwin.

Sam & Zoe (Australia)
For Big Ko and his mates – have an awesome life!  From Mum and Dad.

Kylie Hargreaves & Nick Barber (United Kingdom)
Happy Birthday to you both!  From Renae & Mat Stringer.

Alexander Bartholomeusz (Australia)
Welcome to the world dear Alex.  These trees will provide a home for a little joey just like you.  From Cristy & Tom

Aidan, Conrad & Annalisa Edwards (United Kingdom)
My little koalas.  From Mum.

The Dixon Family (Australia)

Rachna Vyas (United Kingdom)

The Late Knights P/L (Australia)

The Randall Family (Australia)

NK + PK (United Kingdom)
Koalas always from SK.

Greg Talbot and Lynne Stephens (Australia)
Congratulations on your wedding!  From Debra.

Helen Webb (Australia)
Happy Mother’s Day 2012.  From Stephanie Webb.

Margaret Williams (Australia)

The Chambers Family (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Carol Silman (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Casey

The Bundenthal Family (USA)

Stephanie de Wit (Australia)
Happy Birthday Stephie – from one animal lover to another.  From Kara and Mario xxx

In memory of the resident koalas of my youth who munched happily in the trees on our property.  From Kellie Schuring (Australia)

Janine & William Wattinmena (Australia)
Wishing you a long and happy life together.  From Laurie & Lexie and Diane & John

Stephanie Pace (USA)

Claudia (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Ove, Andi and Katja

Mook Tzeng Lim (New Zealand)

Carole Lowde (Australia)

Ellen Harrison (Australia)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Eluna Yilunwang (Australia)

Michael, Alex & Anna Tomlinson (Australia)

Emily Marshall (Australia)
Best wishes for your birthday and for your future.  From Lisa Freame.

Igor (USA)
Torm – in your name I support planting of five trees in koala land to help koalas!  From Zhanna

In memory of Jessica (Australia)
Your memory lives on in our hearts nad minds always.  May these memorial trees be in memory of you.  From your family.

Chris Wills (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Amanda Cole & Peter Clark (Australia)
Congratulations from Katrina & Don

Jane Robinson (Australia)

Mrs Rita Hayes (Australia)
I’ve bought five trees for mother and joey koala for your birthday!  From Linda.

Jessica Duncanson & Joel Crocker (Australia)

In memory of Sue (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
A good friend who is much missed.  From Wendy.

Melissa Wills (Australia)
Happy Birthday, Mel!  With much love from Chris & Jude.

Phyliis Woo (Australia)

Beryl Ham (Australia)

Anna Byszkin (United Kingdom)

Greg and Jess (Australia)
Congratulations on your wedding.  From Kade, Kate and Elliette.

Asa Berger (Sweden)
(7 trees for Harrold)
God jul och gott nytt ar alf och Gerda.

Chris (USA)
I love you!  From Marina

Mary Anderson (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)
With love at Christmas.  From Margaret

Glen, Wendy and Zac (Australia)
Happy Christmas from Mum and Dad.

Alex Boulton (Australia)
Merry Christmas you lucky runaway (bride)!  Go stick a gerbil up Richard Gere’s butt.  From Hannah

Nick & Shannon Lindsay (Australia)
Merry Christmas 2012 from Andrew, Nicole and girls.

The Whittington Family (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Nick and Sorca

Year 2 Meridan Students (Australia)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Adrian Diery (Australia)
Merry Christmas you old Grinch.  From Melissa

Surfpuppies Adventure Group (Australia)

Diane Scott (Australia)

In memory of Katherine Low (nee Ferguson) (Australia)
For our dearly loved Wahabi.  You are always with us.  From your schoolgirl friends with all our love xo.

Aliz Molnar (Hungary)
Merry Christmas from Petra Molnar.

In memory of Mary Menadue (Germany)
It was lovely to have met you in Berlin.  From Kirsty

Leo Jouko Villatte (Australia)
Happy Birthday ‘tit Bout from Maman & Papa

Oscar Andrew Potter (Australia)
Look after the koalas for your Granny.  Love from Granny.

Dawn & Aunt Cookie (USA)
Congratulations and thank you from Sandy.

Kathy Jeacock (United Kingdom)
Happy Birthday from Saxon, Tim & Pen.

Renee Malek (Australia)
Happy 70th Birthday from Colleen and Daniel.

Revesby Chemart Pharmacy (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)

Lulu Rich (Australia)
Happy Birthday Lol form Mum and Dad

Lateral Food Corp (Australia)

Sarah Jeacock (Australia)
Happy Birthday Aunty Sarah from Saxon, Tim & Pen.

Amy & Shaun Hamilton (Australia)
Wishing both of you a world of happiness on your wedding day and a long and healthy life together filled with joy and laughter.  From Marc, Sandrine & Liam Purnell.

Alexandra Merenkova (Australia)
Happy Birthday (because we have enough make-up).  From Kristina

Almela Lapitan (USA)

Pierre Marchand (Belgium)

Rosa Maria Passafiume (Italy)

Lyla & Daniel Greenwood (Australia)
Congratulations – this is the beginning of something very special and I wish you both the very best.  From Hollie.

Luna Alice Hardy (Australia)

In memory of Niranda (Australia)
You will always be loved and missed.  From Mum, Dad, Nan, Jeff, Jess, Elysia and Alexander.

Susan & Peter (Australia)
Wishing you many happy Aussie returns.  From your breakfast buddies.

Soroptimist International Kogoshima (Australia)
Happy 40th Anniversary from Soroptimist International Brisbane Inc

In memory of Mark Dath (Australia)
To someone who loved all animals great and small.  Thanks Dad.  From Jillaine Dath.

In loving memory of Emma Gray (Australia)
A life lived to the full but cut too short.  From Rachel, David, Bethany & Elliot xxx

In memory of Ethel Elvove the GREAT (USA)
You were the real miracle worker for all of us.  We love you and thing of you daily with a smile.  From Elan and Nicole.

Jessica Zekster (USA)
In honour of your beautiful sister, who has left us all better people because of her spirit.  From Nicole and Elan.

Kevin & Elisha Lutton (United Kingdom)
(12 trees for Harrold)
Congratulations on your wedding, you will now always have roots in Australia!  With love and best wishes from Fiona, John, Laura and Scott.

In loving memory of Gwen Booth (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
From Howard & Joan and Bella

Mandy Buckby (Australia)

Cody James Harrington (USA)

Susan Watts-Rosenfeld (USA)
(8 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Debbie Hart (Australia)
We can only imagine how difficult this has been and our hearts go out to you and your family.  From your Australian family.

La Koalin Marcela (United Kingdom)
Te quiero mucho mi Koala bebe!!! Muuuuaaa!!  From Thomas el Osito

In memory of Emma Lynn Stanton & James John Stanton (USA)
From your friends in Myombe

Barbara J Brindley (Australia)

In memory of Rosie Goodwin (United Kingdom)
Now a beautiful angel in Heaven.  From Helen and Sallie.

Amy McLoughlin (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Harvey.

In memory of Mark Lee (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Love from Nicole, Eugene and Kaye.

In memory of Daryl Richardson (Australia)
My brother – a kind man.  From Janette.

Karleigh, Jye, Ellery, Leah & Aisha (Australia)
Thanks for helping save a koala.  From Jayne and Marc.

In memory of Patrick Gooley (Australia)
In memory of a much loved gardener happily planting trees in Heaven.  From Chris and Wendy Boland and Family.

In memory of Willa (Australia)
My beautiful grandmother – forever in my heart.  From Beckie

Shannon D Mitchell (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas from Australia.  From Allison & Tony.

In memory of Ruby May Lacey (Australia)
For the best Honorary Grandma ever.  Love and miss you.  From Margaret Raphael.

Peter & Sandy Tracey (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas from Mom and Dad

Gus Burke (Australia)
Thinking of the koalas at Chritmas by planting some trees.  From Pebby and Lissie.

Philip Edwardes Family (Australia)
A little help towards our wildlife and the environment.  From Grandpa and Nan Katie

In memory of Peter Damjanovich-Napoleon (Australia)
In memory of a life long love for Australian plants and wildlife.  From Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon.

Lauren Baird (Australia)
From Carlos Yanez.

Jo-Anne Minns (Australia)

Carole Cooper (Australia)

Stephanie King (Australia)

In memory of Michael John Redhill (Australia)
May these trees long grow and support native wildlife in our dear friend Michael’s memory.  From Linda Wright and Santiago Acera.

Robyn Nicholls Dunleavy (Australia)

To our Dear Mum, Mother-in-Law and Nonna (Australia)
With love this Christmas 2013.  From Dana, Ben, Oliver, Keeev and the kids xox.

Pipo Schum (Switzerland)
An Biitrag, damit euisi gliebte Koala grettet werder.  From Dani Schum.

Warren & Alex Barnes, Howard & Natalie Young, Richard & Miriam Lane, William Lane, Jonothan Lane Australia) (8 trees for Harrold)
Happy Christmas with love from Enid.

Neil Forsyth (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)
Happy 75th Birthday from Jo and Terri

In memory of Juan Eduardo Kritzfeld (Australia)
Esposo, padre y amigo. Siempre vas a estar en nuestro corazon gracias por los momentos compartidos.  From Luca and Gisselle.

Ivy Rooke (Australia)
Love on your 80th birthday.  From Irene

Ken Morgan (Australia)
Happy 70th Birthday Dad!  From Grant, Patti, Cleo, Summer & Jake.

Colin McDonald (Australia)
Five trees for a fabulous 50th B
irthday my dear friend.  From Karen Hearn xxx

Jennifer Hole (Australia)

Susan Dickens (Australia)

Amy Edwards (Australia)
A present that last 200 years, especially for you.  Thank you for helping our koalas, darling.  From Noni & Granddad.

David Mogford (Australia)
A wonderful 37th year.  From Loving Parents.

Bernadette O’Sullivan (Australia)
Happy Birthday Hippy.  From Rachel Collins.

In memory of Patrick Joseph Dempsey (Australia)
Patrick bought so many gifts to our lives.  We will never forget him.  From Phil, Carolyn, Kara and Hayden Parsons.

In memory of Ms Valerie Plumb (Australia)
Always loved.  From Ian.

Mr & Mrs Shevlin (Australia)

In memory of Josil Taber (USA)
Loving and remembering her always in our hearts.  From Jon and Jennifer Taber.

Christine, Ben and Tim Kift (Australia)

Wendy Armstrong (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Margaret Moy (Australia)
Happy Birthday Marg x.  From Carol Tobin.

In memory of Brian Murtagh (United Kingdom)
You will always be remembered as the loving husband and the great father you were.  From Luke Murtagh & Dawn Murtagh.

Cindy Cassady-Greene (Australia)

Students of Massie House 2014 (Australia)

Sarah Dethlefsen (Australia)
Von deinen Hamburgern, damit unsere besten Wunsche in Australien fur dich wachsen konnen!  From Frank, Tracy, Juliane, Julia & Stefan.

In memory of John Dunphy (Australia)

In memory of Robert P Burns (Australia) Miss you  Dad.  From your koala kid.

Charlie Constable (Australia)
A gift for your christening.  From Dick, Glenyce, Darcy and Jacqui.

Marta Porcu (Italy)
Buon Compleanno!  From Scott and Picci.

Margaret Warnick (Australia)
Happy Mother’s Day form Colin and Sarah.

Mr James Brown (United Kingdom)
Not quite adoption but some families will have safe homes.  From Marisa.

B & M Wright & Family (Australia)

In memory of Lucien Northmore  (Australia)                With so much love.  From Frank, Kiki, Emma & Ryan.

Girl Scout Troop 6488 (USA)                                           Thank you for informing me of the koala situation.  From Ms D Kountoupes.

In memory of Colin Lewis (Australia)                         Dear Steph, we are thinking of you and your family.  We want to plant a tree in memory of your Dad.  From all your friends – URS Human Resources.





















Sam McCrum (Australia)
A lasting gift on your naming day. From Shane and Kate

Paddy Marrinan (Ireland)
Welcome to the world! You’ve now got some trees in Australia to visit and hopefully there’ll be a koala in them to say hello!

Dr Karl R White (Australia)
Thank you for your contribution to the 4th Australasian Newborn Hearing Screening Conference 2007. From The National Newborn Hearing Screening Committee

Margaret Raphael (USA)
In memory of Jeanette & John Donnelly

Miss Brooke Borger (Australia)

Lucas Daniel Fuentes (Australia)
Pa din dopdag from Peter, Lina, Juni and Saga Engelen

Janis Coughlan (United Kingdom)
Hopefully the koalas will enjoy these trees once they’ve grown. From Trev Coughlan

Sandra Lauer (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Ben and Mona

Yvonne MacLeod (Australia)
Happy Birthday to you from Debra MacLeod

In honour of Keith Urban (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Cathi, Ken, Saharh, Matthew & Josie Smith (Australia)
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. From Mark and Chris

Amy Potton (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas 2007. From Shaun Hamilton

Heidi Lenarcic (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Your trees were planted to help save a koala and her joey – 15 December 2007

In memory of Joy Brown (United Kingdom)
For my darling mother, one of the ‘Lucas clan’, miss you so much. From Bobo with neverending love.

Puffin & Koalix (Czech Republic)

Megan Abrahams (United Kingdom)
For your christening. From Uncle Nathan, Aunty Claire, William and Ben

In memory of James Johnstone (Australia)

Keith Martin-Smith and Clare Hawkins (Australia)
Congratulations on your 5th wedding anniversary – some wood for you! From Ngaire and Gordon Dennison

Sophie Ridlon (USA)
(7 trees for Harrold)
Happy 8th Birthday from Callie

In memory of Margaret Wrigley (Mamie) (Australia)
And her great love of the Australian Bush. From Susan & family, Robert & family & Samantha & family and Friends.

Helen and Ashley Arthur (Australia)

Ryan Kirkpatrick (USA)

In memory of Phyllis Maxine Holmqvist) (Canada)
Thank you for being such a great neighbour. From Colin, Janet, Alex & Maddie in Dubai.

John Saegenschnitter (Australia)
Happy Father’s Day… here is one for the Bush. Love from Deb

Lynette Armstrong (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Ms F Bell (Australia)

Margaret McRae (Australia)

Ist Epping Guide Unit (Australia)

Pam Fizelle (Australia)

Alan & Penny Payne (Australia)

Stephanie Ferguson (Australia)

Stephanie Sleeman (Australia)

Gord & Jeri Armstrong and Shirley VanLeeuwen (Canada)
Not a day goes by that I don’t think of all of you. These trees are planted in your memory after my trip to Australia. From Melissa Sault with love.

Lara Payne (Australia)

Isabella Poppy Martin and Damien Oscar Martin (Australia)
On the occasion of your dedications. I wish you happy, peaceful and purposeful lives. From Sue Nott

Nieves Garcia (Spain)

Dianne & David Hall (United Kingdom)
Merry Christmas. You can visit your trees on your next visit. From Nic and Pete

Ian, Terri & Mia (USA)
(8 trees for Harrold)
Saving Koalas! Love Penny, Alan, Stanley & Bootsy

Christina Geraci (United Kingdom)
Enjoy Darling-san! From Scruffy and Friends

Alison Biziak and Todd Lenfield (Australia)
Congratulations on your wedding day. Wishing you a long and happy life together! Lots of licks from Sidney Fisher(alias Jen & Fish)

Alison Biziak and Todd Lenfield (Australia)
Congratulations on your wedding day. Wishing you a long and happy life together! Love always from Jen and Fish

Alison & Todd (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Congratulations on your wedding day. From Sal and Andy Weir

Sabrina Wittner (Germany)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Mummy Chesterfield (United Kingdom)
Happy Mother’s Day to help the koalas. From Tim, Charlotte & Matilda xxx

Mummy Dane (United Kingdom)
Happy Mother’s Day to help the koalas. From Tim, Charlotte & Matilda xxx

In memory of Mary “Pat” McCormick (USA)
Remembering a sweet, Australian lady. From The Seymour Family

Jesse Adams (USA)
Happy 60th Birthday! Love from Shane

Mayanna Lakerink (Australia)
Wishing you a long and happy life – like these trees. With much love on your Naming Day on 2nd May 2009. From The Jean Family

Moya & Daniel McCabe (Australia)
Always in my heart & thoughts, love you both, miss you so much. From Cathy

In memory of Zeus (USA)
For my beloved german Shepherd – watch over the koalas and keep them safe. Love Cyndi

Ana Isabel Corguinho Rocha (Portugal)
Um presente vivo no outro lado do mundo.

The Butler Family (Australia)

Miss Maureen Ballinger (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Mrs J Glover (Australia)

Alyssa Hewitt (Australia)

Alix Revel & Chris Strange (Australia)

Kate Smithwick (Australia)

Carine Detry (Belgium)

Rosemary Alexander (Australia)

In Memory of Joan Simmonds (Australia)
Aunt Joan, may you find peace. From Cherry, Mike, Zoe, Maddie & Rory

Christine, Ben and Tim Kift (Australia)

Esther Vaughan (Australia)

Zoe Chanas (United Kingdom)
Happy Koala Christmas from Mum & Dad xo

In memory of Mr Harold McKay (Australia)
From the children at Wahroonga Adventist School

Mari Neale & Dee Jones (USA)
(6 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Terra Swinney (Australia)
In memory of Terra and whose family are always in our hearts. From Andy Jane

Katheye and Yo (USA)
Thank you for taking such good care of us! From Gingersnap and Milo

Blanche Ironside (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Jo-ann, Barry, Lauren and Grant

In memory of Rhondda Hughes (Australia)
With much love from Kailey and Lama Wangdu

Gayle Everett Tomasini (USA)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May these trees make a great new year for koalas! From Kerri and Paul

In memory of James Michael Lynch (Australia)
Love you forever. From Bunny Nanny & Grandpa Lynch

Chris, Anne, Kirra, Elijah, Isabelle & Lani Hayter (Australia)
Merry Christmas. Love from Graham & Margie

Steve & Bron Hayter (Australia)
Merry Christmas. Love from Graham & Margie

Sarah & Bob Williams (United Kingdom)
Merry Christmas. From Kiri Greenhill

In memory of Bob Johnstone (Australia)
In loving memory of our special brother. From Laurelle Johnstone and Terry Holmes

Sean Whalen (USA)
Happy 7th Birthday Sean! Your friends from Millstone Primary School

Jenny Emmitt & Ray Hale (United Kingdom)

Sabina Diaz-Rimal (USA)
Happy Birthday – this is a great choice. From Mom and Dad

Angela Manning (South Africa)
Happy Birthday, Mom – I love you. From Suzanne Manning

St Paul the Apostle First Grade Class 2010 (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Heather Glen Elementary (Mrs Gharis’ kindergarten class 09-10 (USA)
(6 trees for Harrold)

Brownie Troop 14254 (USA)
(7 trees for Harrold)

Joan Shenton (Australia)
Happy 80th Birthday from The Pickerills

Thomas Mitchell Primary School (Australia)
(9 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Pauline Margaret Mitchell (Australia)
I miss you so much, mum, all my love forever and always. From your proud daughter.

Beverley Friedlos (United Kingdom)
Happy 50th Birthday from Great Old Uncle David and Great Aunty Linda. Hope you get to hug these!

Maxwell Barnard (Australia)
(6 trees for Harrold)

Joe & Angela Moxon (Australia)
Congratulations on your marriage. From Ray, Carol, Alexandria & Natalie

In memory of Werner Alois Walczyszewski (Austria)
(10 trees for Harrold)
You will be remembered in Australia. From Renate Sisko

Lorraine McGuinness (Australia)

Jenny Sherratt (Australia)

Judith Beacock (Australia)

Janelle Vaughan and Allan Coppin (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Peter and Kinuyo Wyatt (Australia)
Let’s make it a bright new year for ourselves, our families and the koalas. Merry Christmas. From Georgia and Peter

In memory of Sylvia Joyce Gregory (nee Strickland) (Australia)
Mum/Gran, gone but never forgotten. From Mark, Sam, Kelly and Daniel

Deborah Noste (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Emma Anne Grimes (Australia)

Nathan Titus (USA)
(7 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Steven John Pearsall (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Out of pain now but so missed – you were so strong & such a special person. Love Cathy
Happy Father’s Day my Angel Poppy. I’m glad I got to spend one Father’s Day with you. I will always love you. From Keisha April

Mark Whittle (Australia)
Happy Birthday!! I love you xxxx From Ally Hunter

Lucas William Kirkby Lindsay (Australia)
Welcome to the world. Love Helen and Andrew

In memory of Norma Callanan (Australia)
(6 trees for Harrold)
In memory of your mum, Meags, so she will be remembered forever, with love. From Zoe Loughlin, Kelly Romanella & Kate Nelson

Xavier & Dominic Schofield (Australia)
These 5 trees will help feed the koalas. From Nette

In memory of Marjorie Joyce McLachlan (Australia)
Your memory lives on, Mum. With love from Lynne

Jenny Windibank (Australia)
Happy 70th Birthday from Chris, Kelli and Kade

In memory of Arielle Emma Calkin (Australia)
“I grieve for life’s bright promise, just shown and then withdrawn”. From Mel and Laura

In memory of Milo (Russia)
“Koala Milo lived at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney and loved a cuddle and a scratch. Milo passed away after a short illness. From Esfir Parliman

Anthony Arnold (Australia)
Happy Father’s Day from Karen

Jack/Brye/Ashleigh/Jeremy/Harry (Australia)
Don’t forget to plant a tree to keep our koalas safe. Lots of love from Nan

Anantha Shekhar (USA)
I love you, Papa Koala! Happy Birthday from Anasuya Shekhar

Ella Mangan (United Kingdom)
With love on your 2nd Birthday (17/1/11). From Mum and Dad

Narelle, Chris, Liam Cooper (Australia)

Niamh, James and Oliver Whitehead (United Kingdom)
You are now Forest Rangers and Friends of the Koalas. From Daddy

Mr & Mrs Oliver Heales (Australia)

Maureen Moon (Australia)
(6 trees for Harrold)

Clyde “10 Pint Jokes” Derbyshire, Michelle “Biffy” Price, Hayley “Long Arms” Jackson, Kate “Toothfairy” Richmond, Kate “Angel” Wilkinson, and my Furry Faced Foreigh Friend – Koen Fraeyman (Australia)
(7 trees for Harrold)
2011 – First Christma without you. Seriously MISSING each and every one of you. Raise a glass and let’s hope we all flourish into big, strong, beautiful trees. All my love to each of you. From Polly “Jezebel” Kirk xxx

Sue Shaw (United Kingdom)
(7 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. From Linda & Martin

Sophie Charlton (Australia)
Happy Xmas and a fantastic year ahead!! From Jill and girls.

Sarah Waddell (Australia)

Gillian Hazleton (Australia)

SPGEDE (Australia)

Melissa Morris (Australia)

In memory of Robert Curtis, Wilfred Buechel, Rick Beuchel and Boff (Australia)
Grow and be strong.  From Tina and Stuart (England/Australia)

In memory of Eion Bernard Wardill (Australia)
A man who planted many. many trees long before it was fashionable to be green.  From Robyn Wardill.

In memory of Jimbo (Australia)
In memory of a special gentleman.  From Robyn.

In memory of Jimbo (Australia)
In memory of a special gentleman.  From Robyn.

In memory of Dane Alexander Hortle (Australia)
For a very special boy who will forever be loved and missed.  From JB

Akari Hyodo (Japan)

Darlene Ames (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Happy Retirement from Group Compliance

The Biro Family (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)
Happy Easter from Lorilee.

Julie Preston (Australia)

Bernie Huggins (Australia)

Lisabeth Hiort (Sweden)
Grattis pa fodelsedagen.  From Desiree

Luke Gordon (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Happy 40th Birthday.  Instead of birthday cake 10 new trees will be planted to keep the koalas happy.  From Rebecca, Paul, Liz, Rob. Oscar and Felix.

Mish Cameron (Australia)

Mrs Carol Ann Sharratt (United Kingdom)

Gay Carter (Australia)
Happy Birthday Dearest Friend.  Love and hugs from Polly and Nigel. xxxxx

Jo Jatz (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Happy 60th – trees for our koalas.  From Richard & Lee, Shane & Sherryl, Kerry & Wayne, Camilla & Mark

In memory of Max Roberts (Australia)
From your daughter.

The Harvey Family (Australia)

Sandra Rosenthal (Australia)

In memory of JiuVei Fang, WenXiong Wu (Australia)
From ShiYun Wu

In memory of Wyatt Emmett Piotrowski (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Forever in our hearts.  From Nikki Neumann & Martin Vince

Ingrid Segrell (Sweden)
(8 trees for Harrold)
Grattis pa fodelsedagen Mor.  From Son

Blu Lake Restaurant and Bar (Australia)

Bridie Lang (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

G’Tribe (Switzerland)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Grazie a tutti voi.  From Quero Ferdinando

Eva Smyth (Australia)

Barbara Dickson (Australia)
Happy 80th Birthday, Barby.  From Tim and Eva xxx

Greg Johnston (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Happy Father’s Day from Heather & Scott

In memory of Bob Chilcott (Australia)
Semper Eadem.  From John & Gloria

Grit & Stefan Beyer (Australia)

Kaye Fisher (Australia)
Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary from Alan Fisher.

Elysis Young (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Brendan Plathe

Alessandra La Piana (Australia)
As you grow so will these trees and with sun, rain and prayers I hope that one day we will be able to walk together.

Shannon Johnson (USA)
For the koalas.

Damien Bowles (Australia)

In memory of Ms Natashia Lish (USA)
(11 trees for Harrold)
We will always remember you.  From Camellia Waldorf School, 5th Grade, Sacramento, California.

Shannon D Mitchell (USA)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas from Tia and Tony.

 Keiko Kurosaki (Japan)

Lawrence Fletcher (Australia)
Happy Christmas from Mum and Dad

In memory of Maree Pell (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
In loving memory of Maree, teacher and friend.  From Corinne, Danielle and Gemma.

In memory of Trudie Leach (Australia)
Our dear friend who loved Australian wildlife.  From Sue, Colin and family

Betty Montoni (Canada)
Making a difference until you fulfill your lifetime goal of meeting a koala.  From Julia Blandisi

In memory of Walter Frederick Barnes (Australia)
A gardener in life and death.  From Adam, Gayle and Lex.

Ron and Linda Ferring (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas from Kirstan and Joe.


John & Ethel Bradford (Australia)
Merry Christmas 2012 Mum & Dad.  From Lindsay, Fiona, Hannah and Corbin

Anne Fragell (Norway)
Jeg er sa stolt av deg!  Du er en god, omtenksom og sterk jente.  From Mamma

Sarah Copeland (Australia)
(8 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas Soo from Noo.

Carole, Marcus, Piper and Dylan (Australia)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Aileen

Sue Rennick (Australia)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Thanks for a fun filled year from Aileen.

Caroline Seeger (Switzerland)
Mit dem Pflanzen dieser Baumen, haben eine Koalamutter und ihr Junges einen Zufluchtsort und genugend zum essen.  From Sulastri & Andi Seeger

Koren & Alana from The Little Green House (Australia)

Barry & Leona Heideman (Australia)

Rachna Vyas (USA)
A Very Happy 21st Birthday from Patti Vyas.

Grant & Fiona Gibbs (Australia)
May your marriage be ‘like a tree planted by the water that send out its root by the stream, Jeremiah 17:8.  From Bethany Vaughan

Shaun & Amy (Australia)
Thanks for helping keep the koalas around for me to see when I grow up.  From Tyler Harder

Isaac Brown (Australia)
Happy Birthday from Aunty Vicki

Units Plan 454 STIRLING (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Amelia Connie Bolt (Australia)
May you have a life filled with love, abundance and health.  From Dara.

Noemie Hernandez (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Best of Luck – You will be missed.  From all ITS Crew.

Harmony Day 2013 (Australia)
Jess, Matt, Sienna, Frau Carey.  From Deutsches Harmonie Cafe – CSHS

Sharyn Baxter (Australia)
Happy Birthday, Dear.  Have a great day.  With lots of love from Dad and Mum xxx.

Sara (The Netherlands)
Happy Birthday from Ruben

Lyn Gilmore (Australia)
We will miss you but hope that this will help you to remember your friends here in Perth.  From all your friends in the Omega PS Australia team.

Margaret (Australia)
Happy Mother’s Day from Colin and Sarah.

In memory of Robert Burgess (Australia)
Animal lover and protector.  From Clive & Louise Goodwin.

Adalyn Raney & Friends (USA)

Matilda Gee (Australia)

In memory of Mimi, Grandpa Dan and Sebastian (USA)
(8 trees for Harrold)
I wish you were still here with us.  From Juliette Legault.

Nora Spencer (Australia)
For Mum from your Number 2 “Joey” Jules.

In memory of Ernest Arthur Harrison (Australia)
From Sean & Anna

Bruce Gaydon (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

Jyll & Peter (Australia)
These trees will help give life to koalas!    From Matt

Jean Littlefield & Jim Letts (Australia)
To celebrate the wedding of Kristin Letts & Camron Brown

The Hicks Family (United Kingdom)
Hope your lovely parents will enjoy some of that special home brew under these trees.  From Chirs and Anca McKeering

Dominique Mertens (Belgium)

Soroptimist International Ilkley (United Kingdom)
Happy 70th Anniversary from Soroptimist International Brisbane Inc.

In memory of (Dorritt) Jean Pearse (Australia)

From the Yammanee Family

Ed & Bec Wright (United Kingdom)
In celebration of your marriage.  From Kate & Dave

In memory of Maurice (Murray) Solomon (USA)

In memory of the love of my life.  From Barbara Solomon

Noah (Australia)
Happy Confirmation Nozzie.  From the Sydney-siders

Stephanie Kluver (Australia)
Happy 40th from Derek and Sharnarra

In memory of Jackson Flynn Hayward (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Forever in our hearts. This is a gift for our beautiful friends, Row and Jodie.  We love you so much and here for you always.
  Love from Chris, Mel, Sue, Drew and Lenny. 

Cordula Kerlikowski (Germany)

Jodiie Brennan (Australia)
Wishing you a happy anniversary for your 39th!!  Love from Amanda, Will and Barney.

Gerardo & Natalia (Latvia)

Mireia Sangalo Tomas (United Kingdom)

The Holm Family (Denmark)

In memory of Margy (Margaret) Talacko (Australia)
Wife, mother and grandmother.  Loved and remembered every day.  From Luca and Gisselle

In memory of Sue Cleveland (Australia)
From Penny and Bruce Siemon.

In memory of Misha Varga (Australia)
In memory of a great man who will be missed by many.  From Garth & Bee.

Ross Moorhouse (Australia)
Merry Christmas Ross!  The koalas thank you.  From Jan, Loz and Lany.

Violet Burke (Australia)
Thinking of the koalas at Chritmas by planting some trees.  From Pebby and Lissie.

In memory of Franziska Christof (Austria)
A home for a mum and a joey in honour of my beloved grandmother!  From Christof Martin.

Courtney Brunson (USA)
This gift, in your name, will provide sanctuary for a mum and her joey, with the hope that they will be as happy as we are.  With eternal love form your koala mum.

In memory of William (Bill) Jones (Australia)
Dearly remembered.  From Lorraine and Cathy.

In memory of Phil Guilfoyle (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
To a loving and generous uncle.  From your loving niece, Margo.

In memory of Thelma Natt(Australia)
In loving memory of a long and happy friendship.  From Pam Jackson.

In memory of Dylan (Australia)
For Julie with love – in memory of Dylan.  From The Meece.

Ben &  Rosie (Australia)
Merry Christmas from Steph.

Sarah Ralston (Australia)
Remember your dream.  Merry Christmas from Margaret and Fred.

Mia (Germany)
Froehliche Weihnachten from Tante Katrin.

Maria Herman (USA)
For the woman who has everything.  From your partner and comedy husband.

Simon, Annie and Louis Williamson (Canada)
Congratulations and welcome Phillip!.  From Rob & Corinna.

Miss Rachna Vyas (United Kingdom)
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Nana.  May Krishna always bless you.  From Topa Shah, Frank, Buster
, Manny, Wala, Xavi, EEk, Eli, Monty and all your Hundra buddies.

Angela Quinton (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Judith Trask (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
My beautiful sister, lover of all Aussie fauna, flora nd great wild places.  From Lynne Pryor.

Jacquie Rybinski (Australia)

In memory of Ekke Martini (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
A generous boss, colleague and friend.  Rest peacefully.  From Kylie Blake.

Blazenka Prent (Australia)
Happy Belated Birthday.  Love from Helen, Chris and Australia’s beautiful koalas.

Antony Paglino  (Australia)

Elke Broska  (Germany)

Andrew Barnes (Australia)

Rory Maloney (USA)
May you always think of others as you have today.  From Nana and Grandaddy.

Lori Fox (USA)

Gerardo Cardenas (Australia)
(10 trees for Harrold)
Until one has loved animals, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

Marny Bloom (Australia)

Jo and Dave Palmer (Australia)