Email the Australian Prime Minister

Copy & Paste and email to the Prime Minister asking for the Koala Protection Act:


Dear Prime Minister,

As a member of the Australian Koala Foundation’s Koala Army, I am writing to ask will you support the Koala Protection Act?

It has been written in conjunction with Australian and overseas lawyers and is based on the Bald Eagle Act, which sought and achieved the protection of the American icon. I do wonder why the Australian government doesn’t feel that the Koala must be protected? It is after all, one of the most important Australian icons.

The Koala Protection Act will work. It will not be an impediment to industry, particularly if industry decides to do the right thing and produce excellent environmental reports. In these times of changing climate, protecting Australia’s Koala forests is not only vital for the Koala and the millions of other species that reside in these huge forests, but crucial for the planet.

I know that the Australian Koala Foundation has written to you and your Minister for the Environment many times and you appear to be ignoring their letters. The Koala was listed under the EPBC Act in May of 2012 and a Recovery Plan was supposed to have been written and finished by 2014. It is hard to understand why you are ignoring your own legislation and we have to ask, is this to appease industry?

You have the power to table the Koala Protection Act for the good of the nation, indeed the globe, and I implore you to take that decision now.

We seek your support to Save the Koala.