We the People

Hello Koala Lovers,

It is Save the Koala Day tomorrow and thank you all for both celebrating with us and highlighting the plight of the Koala. There have been some lovely events and our October Newsletter will highlight those. Some of the children are just wonderful and we are so grateful for their love and support of the Koala.

It has been a busy month for me. I am writing the Koala Manifesto as you know and it is nearly finished. With all that is going on in the world, we have decided to publish it first thing in 2020. I think it will resonate in the New Year because it seems to me there has been quite a shift in the language being used about the environment. Less combative if I could use that word. The last few days and weeks have shown us how Mother Nature can really unleash great suffering to us humans but it is marvellous to see the leaders of the world speaking new language about how we must work together. Like in war, humans can find their best self and really see that we must pull together and think about how we might be better. Those that are living in old thoughts and old paradigms will be left behind.

As always there has been lots of press and one that I would like to share with you is this radio interview. In the interview I did say “we the people”. That will be used a lot in the Koala Manifesto because I think we the people must speak out more about our future. I truly think we should be saying “we the elders” must get on and do our job. We only have a short time on this planet and we must leave it better than we found it. That is the motto at Quinlans. When we first got it, there was so much to do. We said “let every visitor leave it better than they found it”. It has worked well and if we took that approach to the planet we will fix it in no time. Why the heck does anyone throw anything in the ocean in the first place? Why the heck do we just continue to destroy forests? Why the heck can we not take a Keep Cup to the coffee shop?



Last Friday I was sitting at home after quite a day here in Brisbane with thousands on the streets protesting about the climate. It is terrific to see the children of the world speaking out and I do hope our political leaders are listening. AKF did not invite our members to participate. I think because I am a Mum and a Grandmother, I took a precautionary approach. I could not bare it if any little child got hurt in the name of protecting the Koala. AKF has always taken the view that childhood is precious and that we, the elders, must do everything we can to protect our future generations. Being a happy and joyous child is a very short time in our life and adulthood comes too quickly.

So, you the children, continue to love Koalas. You the elders, speak out. You will hear in my interview the politician I met with does not think that I or the AKF do a good job. I was able to say that our supporters do not think that because you, the people, have donated to us. You the people want to have organisations like us that speak for the Koala. You allow me to get stronger (and braver) and my team have certainly become more efficient and dedicated to our work.

Thank you.