Watching Closely

The Australian Koala Foundation team are watching the fires closely and evaluating each fire as it happens. We are trying to determine whether Koalas are in those habitats or whether they are empty. Of course, by empty we mean empty of Koalas, but our concern for the biodiversity, and of course all others animals is also front and centre. It is all just horrifying. No-one knows how many animals, birds or other species have been killed or populations decimated. This could take years and we will not speculate right now. AKF supporters know that when we speak out, we try as best we can to give an accurate account of what we think is happening.

These fires are unprecedented. Even our leaders are confused about what needs to happen and when. We must leave the experts in fire to decide what to do and all of us pray for rain. Until the rain comes, by and large there is going to be huge suffering for all, both humans, the Koala and the environment.

It is a time for patience but we can assure you that our patience for a Koala Protection Act is also front of mind. It is needed more than ever; it is our key mission and we will not back away from the urgency. Let us hope our Prime Minister will listen to our concerns. Write to him – that is what you can do right now.

In the meantime, pray too for those that have lost their homes, those that are being evacuated and those that may never recover from this disaster.