Say what we think

Hello Koala Lovers,

I am being cheeky with this Diary and sending it to you on April Fool’s Day because I am so sick of the fools in Government trying to convince us, the people, that the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) will work, either in its current form or the way they want it to work after the review, which is due to report later this year in October.

One of our supporters has already gone on the Australian Government website and wrote in support of the Koala Protection Act. She inspired me to think that we, those that have the time and patience, should also say what we think.

As always, it is an arduous process, and I know how busy you all are. But I have taken the liberty of suggesting below what you could say to the 32 questions in the review process. And of course you can write whatever you like in support of our beautiful flora and fauna. The submission end date is 17 April.





My Suggested Answers

        SECTION 1

  1. Name
  2. Individual or Organisation
  3. Other: Koala lover and conservation supporter
  4. In or outside Australia
  5. Yes or No
  6. Other: Koalas
  7. Yes or No

        SECTION 2

  1. The EPBC Act does not protect Koalas; they need the Koala Protection Act
  2. Industry has not met the requirements of the current EPBC Act. If they had, Koala habitats would be safe
  3. The Koala does not have time for a review and needs the Koala Protection Act right now; it will lead the way to better protection of all species
  4. Yes, include the Koala Protection Act
  5. Yes, enact the Koala Protection Act
  6. The Koala Protection Act will protect Koala trees – that simple


  7. Standardised mapping of Koala habitat

    SECTION 4a

  8. Of course!

    SECTION 4b

  9. The Koala Protection Act articulates the answer to this Question
  10. Yes
  11. Actually controlling industry to meet environmental standards instead of finding loopholes
  12. Effective Consultation

    SECTION 4c

  13. Yes and have good mapping – the key to all good decisions
  14. No
  15. There is no low risk projects for Koalas. Good mapping is essential
  16. Yes the Koala Protection Act does this
  17. No – the States are incapable of protecting the Koala – See 2011 Senate Report which made that point
  18. No

    SECTION 4d

  19. Yes

    SECTION 4e

  20. Yes community representation should be increased
  21. Legislation that is not complicated – the Koala Protection Act – it seeks to protect vegetation

    SECTION 4f

  22. More knowledge and resources in the Department – that has been whittled away over the years
  23. The EPBC Act is supposed to protect species and habitats and enforcing their protection by law
  24. Offsets do not work and should not be considered at this time in history; it only appeases industry
  25. It does already and industry takes it all


  26. The Koala Protection Act


  27. No
  28. Not at all well and not in a consistent fashion
  29. It must include the Koala Protection Act – the fires have shown how important the Koala is to the landscape
  30. The Koala Protection Act that reverses the onus of proof onto the proponent, not the community
  31. If the existing law worked, the Koalas would be safe
  32. You have to keep large forests in tact and that can only happen with stronger legislation