NSW Koala Inquiry

Dear Koala Lovers,

Today AKF has made a submission to the Koala populations and habitat Senate Inquiry in New South Wales. I do wish I had counted the number of documents I have sent to such inquiries over my career here at the AKF. I expect it to bring no changes and regular readers will know that several years ago I decided not to do them ever again such was my frustration. But I never want anyone to say that AKF is not relentless in our pursuit of bringing Governments to account in their custodial role of the Koala. We will publish on our website once it has been approved by the Committee.

I also note that the Queensland Government has delayed their report from the Koala Advisory Council for “another two months or so”, so “people cannot poke holes in it”. Worse still, I think they are going to hide the document in Cabinet, which was a trick used by Queensland Premiers in the bad old days of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. As an aside, I sent the Chairman of this Committee, our Koala Habitat Atlas maps to show their accuracy. I wonder if it is me they think is going to poke them? I am sure I will be because I have no faith their mapping is accurate and that is the key to protecting habitats and Koalas. I have also asked for the Minutes of their meetings and as usual have not received a reply.

I continue to thank you, our supporters, and I know you share my frustrations. But we will win in the end; the Koala Protection Act is inevitable. The system is entirely broken.