Adopt a Koala


Adopt a gorgeous Koala for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

Your adoption kit includes a beautiful, personalised certificate with a photo of your Koala, a welcome letter, Koala stickers and more. If you are in the area you can drop in and visit your Koala!* (Cost of adoption does not include park admission fees). 

Please note: Koalas are not pets. This is a symbolic adoption, or a 'foster' program. Your monthly donation will be helping Koalas in the wild.

*We cannot guarantee however, that the Koala will be available for viewing on the day so it is always best to contact the zoo or park prior to your visit to avoid disappointment.


Select a joey:

Aria is a little bundle of energy…quite the rarity with a koala! She is the welcoming committee for any new koala in her enclosure. If there is cheekiness happening you can guarantee she will be involved!
Featherdale Wildlife Park (Sydney, NSW)
Gracie is a beautiful young girl that can be recognised by her lovely dark coat. She loves to spend her days cuddled up in the perching with her best friend Harvey. She is always up for a cuddle and a wander around the park with her keeper. She also enjoys pretending to be a backpack by riding on her keepers back.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat, VIC)
Harvey is a spunky boy who loves to give big cuddles to all of the keepers each day. He has a big appetite and will always except extra gum leaves from visitors and keepers. He enjoys spending his day snuggling with is best friend Gracie.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat, VIC)
Lilly is an independent little girl that loves to explore her enclosure each day. Her extra fluffy cheeks and ears make her easy to recognise. Although Lilly prefers to be left alone, when she wants a cuddle from her keepers she definitely lets them know.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat, VIC)