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Copyright Statement


Koala Habitat mapping ©2016 Australian Koala Foundation. For more information on the AKF’s Koala Habitat Atlas (KHA) Project, please visit: /our-work/koala-habitat-atlas.  The Koala Habitat Atlas Project maps, identifies and ranks all Koala Habitat in Australia, and has been funded since 1992 from the generous donations of our supporters around the World.


Koala Habitat mapping is based on the following vegetation datasets:


New South Wales:

Various datasets obtained from the NSW Vegetation Information System’s (VIS) map catalogue managed by the NSW Department of Environment Climate Change and Water (DECCW).

For more information about the Vegetation Information System refer to the DECCW website

Primary custodianship (ownership) of these data sets resides with private individuals, councils, catchment management authorities, government agencies, and are held, displayed and distributed under appropriate licence agreements with the relative custodian.

Copyright for vegetation data in Campbelltown, Port Stephens, Greater Taree and Richmond Valley LGAs is held by the Australian Koala Foundation.


Where the KHA is not available in certain areas of NSW coverage unranked Potential Koala Habitat is provided. This Habitat mapping is derived from the Present Major Vegetation Subgroups – NVIS Version 4.1 dataset. Copyright of this dataset is held by The Commonwealth of Australia represented by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities and is based on data provided by DECCW.



Base dataset is NV2005_EVCBCS Native Vegetation – Modelled 2005 Ecological Vegetation Classes (with Bioregional Conservation Status).


Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning



Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence, Copyright and Attribution, Terms of Use –

Copyright for vegetation data in Ballarat and Golden Plains LGAs and parts of Macedon Ranges and Strathbogie LGAs is held by the Australian Koala Foundation.



Copyright: (as use constraint) © State of Queensland (Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation) 2016

Licence: (as use constraint) This material is licensed under a Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0 Australia licence.


South Australia:

Dataset Number: 422 Dataset Title: Native Vegetation (Floristic) – NVIS Statewide

Copyright: © Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Licence: At present AKF internal use only.

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