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Bronze Leaf Honour Board

20 – 49 Trees planted

Emily & Gemma Hilton (Australia)

Grace Carey (Australia)
(25 trees for Harrold)

The McCarthy Family (USA)

Koala Class Geistschule, Hamm (Germany)
(27 trees for Harrold)

Thomas & Nancy Alfonsi (USA)

Busselton District Guides (Australia)
(26 trees for Harrold)

QLD Newsagents Federation (Australia)

Moreton Bay College 2005, Year 4P (Australia)
(22 trees for Harrold)

CCEC at Amberley State Primary School (Australia)
(22 trees for Harrold)

Louise Storok (Australia)
(25 trees for Harrold) >

Daijiro Hirano (Japan)

Thelma Tedder (Australia)
(42 trees for Harrold)

Jax Tyres (Australia)

Blake and Linda Gall (USA)
In memory Ami Olian

Daniela Murray (Australia)
Happy Anniversary from Aidan

Winnie (Australia)
(27 trees for Harrold)
Happy Birthday, my dear, from Raymond

Robert Dolen (Sweden)

Philip Blackler (Australia)

In memory of Henning Hahmann (Germany)
A great koala lover, please help the koalas as much as you can. From Henning Hahmann

Linda Lundblad (Sweden)
(37 trees for Harrold)
Puss – from Johan Kling

Harry Mensing & Zoe Mensing (United Kingdom)
Restoring Australia to its former beauty – homes fit for koalas. From your daughter, Michele Mensing

Elizabeth Alder (Australia)
(25 trees for Harrold)

Faith Lutheran College Redlands – Junior School (Australia)
(30 trees for Harrold)

Dr Carolyne Wright (USA)
Trees for the koalas. From Jim

Betty Knott (Australia)

The Hoffmann/Dohle Family (Australia)
Merry Christmas to Jim & Jan, Matt & Vic, Bomb & Bree, Sam & Penny, Kathy & Simon. From Helen, Tony, Wolfie, John and Daisy

Carol Liebeck (Australia)
(42 trees for Harrold)

1st Kempsey Turtle Guides (Australia)
(27 trees for Harrold)

Petra Wisman (The Netherlands)
(33 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Shanelle Phillips (Australia)
Beautiful Soul – from a friend who admired your strength

In memory of Doris Bruess (USA)
You took care of 'your kids'. Now you can help nature's kids. From Kimberly Barden

In memory of Mre Evelyn Mary Pettit (Australia)
Mum to Michael, Mum-in-law to Annette and Grandma to Jan and Annabel.  From Helen.

Leesa Bennett (Australia)

Tracey Barton (Australia)

In memory of Catherine Elizabeth Taylor (1986 – 2011) (Australia)
Her contagious smile warmed the heart of many of us.  Hope these koalas will bring a smile to her face.  La vie est rien d'autre!  From Philippe Mouchart

The Hammond Family (Australia)

Padua College Mornington Campus (Australia)

Peter Biddle (Australia)
(30 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Hussein Chaiechi (Australia)
These trees are donated in the memory of my loving father whose lively love and support is always with us.  With so much love from Taha and Mom.

To celebrate Jess Starke's birthday, the following people planted trees in Harrold's Forest  (30 trees for Harrold)

Peter Starke               Meredith Starke

Josh Starke                Craig Starke

Julie Starke                Hannah Mattinson

Daniella Pellegrino     Nathaniel Viccajee

Nick Koufopoulos       Andrew Paul

Zac Fry                       Gianni Festa

Nicole Festa               Renae Kalogerinis

Rob Monterosso         John Kalogerinis

Rita Kalogerinis          Adam Carbone

Maddie Angel             Claire Wightman

Maureen Pocock        Dean Goess

Sharyn Tilbrook          Peter Parfitt

Kim Parfitt                  Emma Parfitt

Jason Cook                Linda Cook

Philip Cheung (Australia)
Happy 30th Birthday from your friend JN.

In memory of Miss Mabel MacGregor (Australia)
Mabel MacGregor, daughter and angel left us too soon.  we plant these trees so your memory will grow and flourish – 24/9/13.  From Becky, Lee Ann, Duncan, Malti, Pep, Zach, Jaymee, Matt, Julie & Mark.

Taylor-Ward Family (Australia)

Misako Timlock (Australia)
For Koalas.

In memory of Niclas Kesler (Australia)
Your light still shines brightly.  From the Mother's Group who feel like they have always know you and always will.

Valerie A Butcher (Australia)
(40 trees for Harrold)

Anna Braden & Jonathan Stone (Australia)

Joseph Herbias (USA)

Lore Kirchheimer (USA)
(40 trees for Harrold)
In memory of Daniel Joshua Rosenfeld

Rachna "Rich" Vyas (USA)

Happy Birthday

Love Auntie Patti, your pal Frank and the Hundras





Mary Andrews (Canada)
(35 trees for Harrold)

ACNielsen Aust Pty Ltd (Australia)

Eddie Stumpf (Germany)
(25 trees for Harrold)

Division 13 McBride Elementary School (Canada)
(25 trees for Harrold)

Consolidated Media Distributors (Australia)

Australian Newsagents Federation Ltd Tasmania (Australia)

St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School (Australia)
(27 trees for Harrold)

In celebration of Judy Wallis
(37 trees for Harrold)

Paul Wallis (Australia)
To celebrate the life of my wife, Judy Wallis
A & M Kosky/Dennerstein (Australia)
Georgia Collister (Australia)
Alicia Brooks (Australia)
Laura Jehn (Canada)
Vicki, Jim Rachel & Brook
In loving memory of a special sister-in-law

Mappamondo GIS (Italy)

Lee Caslick (Australia)

Kurwongbah State School (Australia)
(40 trees for Harrold)

Saitama Children's Zoo (Japan)
(23 trees for Harrold)

Jan Brolin (Sweden)
(45 trees for Harrold)

Brittany Spahalski (USA)

Maryann Herbert (Australia)

Mr & Mrs Brian and Brianne Jordan (USA)
(40 trees for Harrold)
In honor of the guests at our wedding. We wanted to thank each of you for being a part of our lives.

Miss Eileen Hall (Australia)

Anne Niland (Australia)
(25 trees for Harrold)

Jeremy Dawkins (United Kingdom)
With fondest love on your "half century". From Jane, Maggie, Clare and Geoffrey and their families

Laura Bordelon (USA)

Trish Thurman and Family (USA)

Senka Pupacic (Australia)

Stephanie Sleeman (Australia)

Christine Higham (Australia)

Louis de Forcrand (Switzerland)

The Strophair Family (Australia)

Wal & Vi Spicer (Australia)
More trees and more koalas are a great thing. From Julianne Spicer

Gilbert Ouellet (Canada)
(27 trees for Harrold)

Angie Morrisey (Australia)

Terry Garufi (Australia)

The Cahn Family (Australia)

Jo Close (Australia)

The Van Graafeiland & Bink Family (Australia)

In memory of Dr Maura Clancey (USA)
In fond memory of our friend Dr Maura Clancey.  From Janet Dennett (Australia) and Peter Lewin (USA).

In memory of Mrs Carmel Mary Henwood(Australia)
In honour of Carmel, who was a good and cariend friend; a person who had something to teach us all about humility and giving.

Puss in Boots Kindergarten (Australia)

EMGA Mitchell McLennan (Australia)

In memory of Miles Bennett (Canada)
You were loved from afar.  From Joe Bennett and Pam Allen.

Lioness Club of Coolum Beach (Australia)

Hayley Moore(Australia)

Kan RYAO (Australia)
My Dearest Grandma.  Happy Birthday!!  I love you – from Lu Boo Boo.

In memory of Jerry Van Gale (Australia)
He loved the bush.  From Boof and Sheba.

Lena (Australia)
To my love.  From Klaus

Antoinette Van Schipstal (Spain)

Jim & Linda Furlong – Roller Parts Australia (Australia)

Shaun & Amy Hamilton (Australia)
congratulations on your wedding!  May your love and support for each other grow…. just like these trees
From Brad Godfrey.

isabelle de Casamajor (Australia)

The Gardner Family (Australia)
(25 trees for Harrold)

Margaret Hardy (Australia)

In memory of PQ Rumohr (Germany)
Tina, a little piece of Australia will always feel the Rumohrs' loss.  From Adrian, Suzanne, Dennis, Bubby, Monique and Josh.

The Taylor-Ward Family (Australia)

In memory of Kenneth Neil Smith (Australia)
To a darling brother, brother-in-law and uncle – forever in our hearts.  From The Grant Family.

In memory of Ilan Prezma (Australia)
To my dear friend, husband and father, who so loved to travel and see and enjoy the life around us.  From Jane.

Whitelaws, Hurst, Lawson, Nolan Family (Australia)
(25 trees for Harrold)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Reg & Maureen.

In memory of Dave Fitzmaurice (Australia)
A dear friend, greatly missed, with us in Spirit.  From Fleur Anderson

In memory of Richard Pollett (Australia)
In memory of our beautiful son who used to call his Shih Tzu dog Max Koala Bear Boy.  From Patricia and Philip.

Merrick Britt (USA)
Happy 12th Birthday!  Grandma Merilyn and Duncan.

A & L Moffatt (Australia)

In memoriam GB


Abdul Hameed

Sakina Bibi

Abdul Majeed

Bina Hameed

Pillo Hameed

Simmo Hameed

Khalida Shahzad

Sheikh Javed

Dilshad Ahmad

Shabnam Dilshad

Mazhar Iqbal

Sheikh Iqbal

Muhammad Saleem

Shahida Perveen

Affan Shoaib

Aleeza Shoaib

Muhammad Shoaib

Farheen & Khurram

Ahmad & Arham

Munazzah Rashid Family




Aki Hirano (Japan)

Year 3, Hambledon State School (Australia)

Eugenie Pollaert (Netherlands)
In memory of Elly Pollaert

Lee Povey (Australia)

Heathmont Lakkari Guides (Australia)

Greenbank State School (Canada)
(23 trees for Harrold)

Corowa Guides Unit 1st (Australia)
(22 trees for Harrold)

Gordon and Gotch (Australia)

Chatswood Hills State School (Australia)
(24 trees for Harrold)

Pamela Moon & Bruce Schaffer (USA)
In fond memory of Sarah Whiley and her love of the outdoors

NewsXpress Kenmore Village (Australia)

Shannon Benson & Grant Plummer (Australia)

Friends of the Leaf (Australia)
(22 trees for Harrold)

Manuela Bammert (Switzerland)

June Raymont (Australia)

Isao Ando (Japan)

AILETS (Australia)

Rebecca & Peter King (Australia)
In memory of Elijah – our beautiful vizsla, a much missed member of our family

Our Family and Friends (Australia)
Thank you for sharing our special day with us. Will and Jenny xx

Masaya Miyazaki (Japan)
(40 trees for Harrold)

Sugandha Kanth (Australia)
I love you very much and want to spend the rest of my life with you. From Anish Bhatt

In memory of the February 2009 Bushfires (Italy)
I'm enriching the world. From Federico Gennari

Ms Dorothy Johnston (Australia)
(40 trees for Harrold)

Bianca Notley (Australia)
(40 trees for Harrold)

Charles de Chelard (Australia)
(41 trees for Harrold)

The Loulous Family (France)
(25 trees for Harrold)

E A Nosworthy (Australia)

Ms Florence Whyte (Australia)

Yana Zemlyanskova (Luxembourg)
Every little helps. I love you my dear! From Sven Geisler

Elizabeth Aler (Australia)
(25 trees for Harrold)

Max Beeler and Friends (USA)
(41 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Ursula Maria King (Australia)
The best friend anyone could have and sorely missed – you and Christos bless us with your love and friendship. From Georgie and Don`

Peter Biddle (Australia)
(30 trees for Harrold)

Joy Shaw (Australia)
(25 trees for Harrold)

In memory of Mrs Lisa Anna Kannapinn (Australia)Mum to Danny, Mum-in-law to Gwen and Oma to Paul, James, Claire and Tracey.  From Helen.

Nicole Kenneally (USA)
Hope this makes a nice habitat for the koalas

Nicky and Debbie Woolley (United Kingdom)
With best wishes for your life together.  From Auntie Chirs and Uncle Nick

Finlay & Tatum Johnson (USA)
(27 trees for Harrold)

Bobbi Baskerville (USA)
(26 trees for Harrold)

Joan Bucknell (Australia)
(25 trees for Harrold)

Queensland Museum Loans Volunteers (Australia)
Thank you for all your efforts in 2012.  From the QM Loans Team.

Maria Giatrakos (Australia)

Qantas Brisbane Office (Australia)
Kirsty Barrett, Tricia Claxton, Pip Drewek, Julie Fagan, Phill Harris, Mike LaHaye, Paul McCaffrey, Katja Brimfield, Mary Rodda, Phil Ruggieri, Kathy Wall, Melissa Golles, Lynda Wolfe, Jennifer Langford, Jenny Johnstone.

Nathan Mone (USA)

Erik Fagerholm (United Kingdom)  (25 trees for Harrold)
Koala trees

Cameron & Kristin (Australia)
Congratulations on you wedding from all of us in the Income Support Group.

In memory of Bill & Barbara Jones (Australia)
From Fleur Anderson

In memory of Owen Denoon (Australia)
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

In memory of Bryan Cunningham (Australia)
To a good bloke who will be missed.  From Directors & Staff at Moneywise.

In memory of George Caris (Australia)
Dear Phil & Family.  Our thoughts are with you at this time.  From everyone at Coates South East.

In memory of Sue Cleveland (Australia)
Celebrating the life of a special woman who believed in treading lightly on this earth & protecting its flora and fauna.  From Kashka Lantis

Beth Carlon/Cumbungi (Australia)

Gaye Brown (Australia)

Peter Kuehn (Australia)

Brian & Peggy (Australia)
Happy 70ths!  From Sheila nd John with much love.

St Michael's Primary School Lane Cove (Australia)
(30 trees for Harrold)

Michael Akayan (Australia)
Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous husband and thank you for making the last 5 years so wonderful.  From Roz Akayan.

Gail Patroney (Australia)
On behalf of a wonderful mum who lives for others.  From Adam.

Listerdale Primary School (United Kingdom)
(30 trees for Harrold)









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