Hello Koala Lovers, Congratulations to President Macron of France for speaking the truth to our Prime Minister about climate change. It is fantastic to see a young world leader knowing that he has to ... read more
I was watching TV with Mum yesterday and I saw the story about the dog who became an Honorary Police Dog even though he was very OLD – nearly 13. I am nearly 8 in human years so I have a long time to ... read more
Dear Koala Lovers, Nearly 10 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Quinlan donated their property to the AKF for the protection of the Koala and other flora and fauna. This opened up a completely new era for the ... read more
The Queensland government has introduced new land clearing laws that have enough loopholes to allow broadscale land clearing to continue unchecked. The Australian Koala Foundation has made a ... read more
Ian and I were at Quinlan's recently when 218mm (8.5 inches) of rain came down. This gave our creek much needed water after a long summer. EK1 (a fig tree planted at Quinlan's by the Nature's Path ... read more
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It has nearly been a year since these graphs were sent to the respective councils to request that they place a moratorium on all Koala Habitat Development Applications in their Local Government Area ... read more
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Dear Koala Lovers, Welcome to 2018 and I know it is going to be a great year for the AKF in our endeavours to find the way to enact the Koala Protection Act. Over the summer, I had quite a few weeks ... read more
Merry Christmas everyone! I am looking forward to relaxing over the Christmas holidays (my tummy is already rumbling wodering what mum will be cooking for Christmas dinner) and will be back again on ... read more