This morning I received an email from Wendy, a woman who is trying to stop a car rally driving through her part of Australia. Over the last few months many people in the district have been contacting ... read more
It is nearly 7 pm. I am waiting to ring in to a local radio station in Northern New South Wales. The presenter's name is Pussycat. This is a community radio station and she wants to understand ... read more
I hear that Minister Garrett was absolutely fabulous when he sang at the Fire Concert and that he continued to sing the "anthems" about protecting the environ-ment. Now we want him to be ... read more
On Saturday 14th March, the Minister for the Environment, Mr. Peter Garrett will sing with his old band, Midnight Oil. You may remember that during the 2000 Australian Olympics when he was just the ... read more
Dear Koala Supporters, I am sure you have all seen this image of Sam the Koala being given a drink by a firefighter. It is the image that captured the world’s attention in recent weeks when the ... read more
Dear koala supporters, On behalf of the Australian Koala Foundation, Merry Christmas! I do hope that 2009 will be a terrific year for you and your friends and family. I am looking forward to a ... read more