Hello Koala Lovers, I have just opened the Guardian magazine dated 12 th July and there is an article called “Rhapsody in green” saying “the tropical East Coast has Australia’s highest potential” for ... read more
Rodney has gone to the moon! read more
Recruits, Rodney has been sent to the Moon. One small step for Koalas, one GIANT LEAP for the Animalkind. Over and Out Urban read more
Hello Koala Lovers, Our new Parliament is sworn in today and they are pretty much the same Government we had before so we know their mood about the Koala Protection Act and whether climate change is ... read more
September is fast approaching and so is the annual fundraising and awareness campaign Save the Koala Month (STKM) from the Australian Koala Foundation. This year the AKF’s theme for Save the Koala ... read more
Dear Koala Lovers, The election is over and the Australian Koala Foundation has called on the new Prime Minister to enact the Koala Protection Act . AKF is now in planning mode and will be writing to ... read more
Recruits, The Commander in Chief has just announced frightening news for Koalas, and has called on the new Australian Prime Minister to man up and enact the Koala Protection Act! Make sure you read ... read more
I have been left behind. Mum said she would miss me, but she said I would shed too much hair in the hire car in the front seat. Mr. Darcy read more
Hello Koala lovers, I have just put out a press release (probably the most important press release of AKF’s history) to announce that I think the Koala may be “functionally extinct” in the landscape ... read more
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