Hello Koala lovers, Today, I am going to send you the cutest photo of a Koala because I think that is what we all need right now. As I look at my Twitter feed (yes I am a Twitter-er ) I find myself ... read more
Hello Koala lovers, As you know I went to Canberra last week, along with 40 or so people from the Koala world. Many I knew and there were some newbies in the room; all with good intentions. Minister ... read more
Hello Koala lovers, Thank you for the comments about my last Diary and I think those of you who wrote to the Prime Minister or tweeted to Minister Ley have made a difference. The AKF has been invited ... read more
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Hello Koala Lovers, Thank you for the letters of support since my last Diary. I am very grateful. I sit down to write to you almost every day and then something else happens to Koalas and it is ... read more
Hello Koala Lovers, Did you have a lovely Christmas? I did, and time to join the Koala Army! Our latest recruit – good to start young. Over and Out as Urban would say, Mr. Darcy read more
Hello Koala lovers, Thank you so much for loving the Koala, thank you so much for your support of our work and thank you so much for wanting to help the Koala. I have waited until now to write what I ... read more
The Australian Koala Foundation team are watching the fires closely and evaluating each fire as it happens. We are trying to determine whether Koalas are in those habitats or whether they are empty. ... read more
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