Hello Koala Lovers, Over recent weeks I have been writing and meeting with the Queensland Government about the Koala Expert Panel Report which was supposed to be finished in June (now due in August) ... read more
Hi Koala lovers, I am not sure if you know but I have a donkey sister and she is getting ready for Save the Koala Month. In September we all have to pitch in and send out LOADS OF BOXES with lots of ... read more
Save the Koala Month is quickly approaching. Get ready for this September! Look at these sweet photos of Chester the Koala - he's our poster boy for 2017. read more
Hello Koala Lovers, Just letting you know I am at Quinlans checking on this beautiful place that was bequeathed to the AKF over 7 years ago. We have 70 new trees going into the ground today link to ... read more
Mum and I just took a photo of ME and BEC's Tree that we planted ages and ages ago. It is a beautiful Zig Zag Wattle (Mum loves wattle). Rebecca loves working to Save the Koalas and she now lives in ... read more
HI EVERYONE! Mum just wrote another entry in her diary !!! You should read it. It makes me sad though, I wish I was the Minister because then I could save all the Koalas! read more
Hello Koala Lovers, At a recent Board meeting, we all remembered fondly the input of Dr John Woolcock, the founding Research Chairman of the AKF when we started in 1986. Dr John, as he was ... read more
Imagine if 80% of this Australian icon disappeared... We're working hard over here in the AKF office and we've revamped some of our previous advertising campaigns. (see below). Does this put the ... read more
Get ready because September is Save the Koala Month (STKM)! The Australian Koala Foundation will be spreading the Koala love far and wide with the theme 'Love Is In the Air'. Celebrations culminate ... read more
Mum said we must starting planning for Save the Koala Month; because that is when the WHOLE WORLD can learn about Koalas and how much we love them. Have you seen the latest GORGEOUS video that ... read more