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News and events

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is calling on the Victorian Government for increased oversight of the further Koala culls proposed for next week in the Cape Otway region. AKF Chief Executive ... read more
Our CEO Deborah Tabart was on ABC 612 Brisbane last night, playing pool with David Curnow. Listen to her candid interview below: ... read more
DOES FORESTRY ACCREDITATION PROTECT KOALAS? You might remember the controversy that erupted in July 2013, when the ABC’s 7:30 Report revealed that thousands of Koalas were being killed and injured ... read more
Q: WHEN IS AN OFFSET NOT AN OFFSET? A: When the rules change and the offset area gets developed. Like me, I bet you thought that offset areas are permanent. The NSW Biodiversity Offsets Policy for ... read more
KOALAS & DISEASE There are two major diseases that are thought to be impacting Koalas: Chlamydia and Koala Retrovirus (KoRV). Studies show that both have likely been with Koalas for thousands of ... read more
Today marks the first day of Save The Koala Month - a celebration, fundraiser and awareness campaign led by us, all in the name of helping our furry Aussie icon. Often in the spotlight, Australia's ... read more
Recent Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) research has revealed at least 8 million Koalas were killed for the fur trade, with their pelts shipped to London, the United States and Canada between 1888 ... read more
The Referral Guidelines for the Vulnerable Koala were recently released by the Federal Government. What are referral guidelines? In short, these guidelines are about making things easier for ... read more
Can you imagine an Australia without Koalas? That is the image Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is warning 128 Federal politicians about in a letter, outlining the dire state of our Koala ... read more
September is fast approaching – which means that Save The Koala Month is nearly upon us once again! Our theme for this year is – 'Give me a home among the gumtrees’. Don’t you think it’s just perfect ... read more