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AKF Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Tabart OAM was interviewed for ABC Radio's World Today program this morning. The topic was the Koalas that have recently been moved from Cape Otway to a forest ... read more
By Dr Douglas Kerlin - AKF Chief Ecologist The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is expecting to see a draft of the Koala Recovery Plan released just as Australia shuts down for Christmas. Created ... read more
Piece by Dr Douglas Kerlin - AKF Chief Ecologist I’m not holding out much hope for meaningful action from the Paris climate change talks. I was in Copenhagen in 2009. Don’t get me wrong. There were ... read more
The Federal Government had no credible science to support a sudden increase in their Victorian Koala population estimate in 2011, while considering whether to protect the species nation-wide. To be ... read more
Koala Stories by Deborah Tabart. Ill. Suzi Eszterhas. Published by Ghost Cat, October 2015. Reviewed by Elaine Harris When I arrived in Australia as a migrant bride, I was hungry for information ... read more
This week it was announced by DELWP (that is the Victorian Government) that up to 600 Koalas would be translocated from Cape Otway to Lorne, after a trial was successfully run last month. Read more ... read more
What do Aster, Baxter, Caxton and Mr Snooze have in common? They sound like they could be some of Santa’s spare reindeer, but they are actually adorable Koalas living in sanctuaries around Australia ... read more
Here at the AKF we are pleased to announce the release of Koala Stories, our CEO Deborah Tabart OAM’s first book titled Koala Stories today! Congratulations Deb! Everyone knows Koalas as the sleepy, ... read more
This is in relation to a recent news item, where scientists have suggested culling sick Koalas to help populations. Read more here. The statistician George Box coined a phrase in 1978: “All models ... read more
All photos by Ashley Fraser You might have seen these images of Ash the Koala circulating around online. Ash is a Koala who used to live at Pimpana, North of the Gold Coast in Queensland. That was ... read more