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What do Aster, Baxter, Caxton and Mr Snooze have in common? They sound like they could be some of Santa’s spare reindeer, but they are actually adorable Koalas living in sanctuaries around Australia ... read more
Here at the AKF we are pleased to announce the release of Koala Stories, our CEO Deborah Tabart OAM’s first book titled Koala Stories today! Congratulations Deb! Everyone knows Koalas as the sleepy, ... read more
This is in relation to a recent news item, where scientists have suggested culling sick Koalas to help populations. Read more here. The statistician George Box coined a phrase in 1978: “All models ... read more
All photos by Ashley Fraser You might have seen these images of Ash the Koala circulating around online. Ash is a Koala who used to live at Pimpana, North of the Gold Coast in Queensland. That was ... read more
The Victorian Government has planted 93,000 trees of the wrong species in an ill-informed attempt to protect the starving Koala population of Cape Otway, and to cover up a secret culling of our ... read more
Hello to all our loyal and wonderful Koala lovers, I was just lucky enough to do what I love best, and that is to look and smell some Koalas at Lone Pine Koala Sancturay in Brisbane, for one of the ... read more
To celebrate the end of Save The Koala Month, this Friday (25th September 2015) is Save The Koala Day, and we're urging you to spread the Koala love! Many Aussies are unaware that our little furry ... read more
Environmental Offsets & Koalas The Australian Koala Foundation is totally opposed to Koala habitat ‘offsets’ So, what is an environmental offset? It’s the term used when you’re supposedly ... read more
The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is calling on the Victorian Government for increased oversight of the further Koala culls proposed for next week in the Cape Otway region. AKF Chief Executive ... read more
Our CEO Deborah Tabart was on ABC 612 Brisbane last night, playing pool with David Curnow. Listen to her candid interview below: ... read more