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News and events

The Australian Koala Foundation has called on the Queensland Government to release historical data on just how many Koalas have died, and continue to die, on their watch. What is there to hide? ... read more
The Australian Koala Foundation has written to the NSW Minister for the Environment Gabrielle Upton urging her to utilise accurate Koala Habita Atlas mapping head of Friday's closing date for ... read more
The Australian Koala Foundation has written to Queensland Deputy Premier Jacklyn Trad ahead of Friday's closing date for submissions to outline our analysis on the South East Queensland Regional Plan ... read more
On Monday, AKF CEO Deborah Tabart OAM spoke with Steve Austin on ABC Brisbane Radio’s morning show. Several points were up for discussion including the lack of action toward a national Koala Recovery ... read more
As Australia sweats through another exceptionally warm summer, it’s important to talk about the role of Koala forests in our climate. As we are taught in school, trees play an important role in the ... read more
Koala lovers! We are encouraging all of our supporters to contact Federal Environment Minister, the Hon. Josh Frydenberg, demanding a federal solution for our Koalas and Koala habitats in Australia. ... read more
The Australian Koala Foundation has contacted the NSW State Government expressing grave concerns on the development of the NSW Koala Strategy. Click here for the full submissions to the NSW Minister ... read more
The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) currently estimates there are between 44,920 and 85,495 Koalas left in the wild. When you consider that more than 8 million Koalas were killed for their fur ... read more
AKF landscape ecologist Dave Mitchell will be in Canberra this week to present the power of the AKF's maps and their potential to address issues of development, community, and protecting our ... read more
In the lead up to the United States' presidential election, National Geographic released a film with Leonardo di Caprio titled Before The Flood, which was available to view for free on YouTube for a ... read more