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20 December 2018 –

Hi Koala lovers,Just sitting here thinking

This is my last diary for the year and I have so much to say that I do not know what to write. 2018 has been a tumultuous year, not just here in Australia, but all around the world. And I do not just mean the politics; I am also referring to the weather.

It does not matter where in the world you go, or the people you talk to, they are all saying that the weather is changing.

I was just talking to a colleague in Los Angeles and she reminded me that 6,400 homes were destroyed by fire in a town of only 19,000 people and of course Australia is used to fire, flood and drought. In the last few weeks, one part of Australia was on fire and now it is being drenched in rain.

I was thinking does Mother Nature know what she is doing, or is our world so out of control that it is just chaos? I am choosing to think that Mother Nature always gets it right.

I also attended a conference recently where many issues of the world were discussed, and right at the end our teacher asked “how many of you are concerned about climate change and do you think you need to do anything about it?”.

There were 50 of us and only about 10 put up our hands.

She asked “where do the rest of you live?”

All of us have the responsibility to really make a difference. This is the only home we have.  Going to Mars will not fix it. Pretending that visiting outer space to find other worlds will not fix it and all of us have to get over the delusion that there is somewhere else. This is it. We need to protect the wonderful planet we have, and all it’s inhabitants.



So, in this giant jigsaw of problems, we have to know where we fit in. After my conference, I know where I fit in and that is to stay at the helm of the AKF with our incredible team on board until we get the Koala Protection Act. The noise from our politicians and all their promises are falling on deaf ears to me. After all these years, I can tell lies when I see them. I can tell promises that will not be kept when I see them and I have the courage to speak out. I can only do that because we have you, our supporters and like me, I do hope you will have a joyous Christmas and New Year. This is a time for reflection and rebirth – a time to really know how we can be a better human. The hymns we all sing speak of harmony and goodwill to all.

Those of you who love the Koala as I do, will know the power and beauty of this incredible species. Koala forests protect thousands/millions of other species and this morning whilst having my breakfast I was visited by a Sacred Kingfisher. Although his name suggests he is a fisherman, he actually loves lots of insects and because my garden has never been poisoned by any pesticides or herbicides – insects abound. I am glad I made his home safe and over Christmas I am taking up a hobby. I am going to become a beekeeper!

See you next year and may you all be safe and well. Thank you for everything you do for the Koala.

I am very grateful.





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