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9 October 2018 –

Hello Koala lovers,

I am hoping you will take the time to have a look at the submissions for the Senate Inquiry into why federal environment laws are not working in Australia.

Of course AKF’s submission (number 169) answered all the questions with “this is why a Koala Protection Act is needed”. As I responded to each of the terms of reference I made the point that if the Koala cannot receive the attention it deserves to protect its habitat, then how could any other species even vaguely get respect from the authorities whose role it is to protect them?

As I watch political leaders of all persuasions announce all sorts of Koala measures that “are sure to protect them”, I get that shocking feeling of déjà vu and I know they will not. I also note than many are asking for the laws to be made better. My view on this (and I have said it for years) is: why would you want to unpick an old jumper and knit it again if it fundamentally does not fit?

The Koala Protection Act is ready to go and would change the onus of proof onto the proponent, not on us the community, who never win. After 30 years I can say that with certainty.

Our report is long, and I sometimes wonder whether the Senators even have the chance to read nearly 200 submissions, but I am sure they understand that we all think existing laws are not working. The Koalas need you to join the Koala Army and have the Koala Protection Act enacted into law.

Koala Protection Act


Before I go, I also want to comment on the latest report on climate change. When I was in Copenhagen I learnt that keeping forests was a key way to reduce emissions. It does not matter where I go at the moment, everyone is saying that trees are going down faster and faster, often for the most appalling housing estates that have us jammed together like sardines. Much of that habitat being lost is Koala habitat.

Thanks for your support as always.




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