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16 February 2015 –

Hi all,

Can you believe we are coming up to March already? When you're busy, time just flies.

2015 is going to be a big year for the AKF. 

Slowly but surely the Koala Protection Act has been gaining momentum. Now, with your support, my team and I are ready to go. 

We are constantly asked… 'How can I help?' We truly appreciate your passion, and are so happy to hear that you care. 

The simple answer is this: Join the Koala Army

Tell your friends to sign up. Buy your merchandise. 

Patience is key at this point in time. Sign up and wait for further instructions. More than ever, we need you.

Message us on Facebook, or email us with your pictures of you and your recruits! We'd love to see you in our Koala Army shirts.

We love hearing your ideas about the Koala Protection Act too. 




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