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23 March 2020 –

Hello Koala lovers,

Today, I am going to send you the cutest photo of a Koala because I think that is what we all need right now. As I look at my Twitter feed (yes I am a Twitter-er) I find myself smiling with the images of all the little joeys that are now recuperating after the fires and those images give me hope and more determination for the AKF to achieve its goals; which are simple really, to protect Koala trees.

I am, like all citizens of the planet, very concerned about my health, the health of my team and all of you.

The fires almost seem a distant memory now given it has rained (thank goodness), the skies are clear again, but we now have to face this shocking threat of the pandemic virus. It sounds too glib to say, but I think all these issues are, in part, from our lack of respect for the natural world, care of animals and our rapacious need to develop at all costs.

Like all crisis, it will pass, but we are all in this for the long haul. None of us really know what it will be like, but interestingly enough, many, many years ago, our marvellous Research Chairman, Dr. John Woolcock, used to school me in the skills of a virus. He was a microbiologist and he always told me how smart they were and that we humans needed to be respectful so a disease like this could not occur. I do believe we have disrespected our planet, particularly the animals, our forests, and our river systems, which are our lifeblood.

I have so much to say on this but it is time for patience and maybe even silence, while we work through our lives to simplify it for security and health. Each day, in my morning routine, I listen intently to what the experts around the world are saying so that I can, as the AKF’s leader ensure that my team are safe, that if they have to stay in isolation we can care for them, and also that we will be ready to go back out when it is finished, to finish our work.

And “finish” to me is the Koala Protection Act – and we will get it.

Please take care of you and your families. The Board and team are so grateful for your continued support and I do think in many respects that our needing to be home, with our families and realising how important the simple things in life can be, will make us more compassionate to those that are suffering, both from sickness and war.

I have always been an avid reader about the Second World War, and inspirational leadership was the thing that won the day.

I hope I can inspire so that the AKF will go from strength to strength during these difficult times.






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