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10 June 2024 –


The ranks of the Koala Army’s March for Creatures Great and Small are gaining more and more numbers every single day. Soon we will be marching all together on September 1, dressed up as Koalas, Bilbies, Emus, Parrots, Wombats, and all the animals of the bush.

It’s now time to round up everyone you know to join us on this momentous day in Canberra or join us virtually if living overseas.

You can download flyers and posters to distribute near you, and you can even place an advert in a local newspaper, or in a school or community newsletter. The more people we get on the day the better chance our mates in the bush will have. Plus, no one will want to miss this amazing festival of Creatures Great and Small.

So help us spread the word far and wide and let’s make this March the wildest celebration Australia has ever seen!











PS. You can also share my VIDEOS across your social media.


We Need You

14 May 2024 –

Guess what? I am now a fully animated Social Media Superstar spreading the news near and far about our upcoming March for Creatures Great and Small on 1 September in Canberra. It's time to rally ever...


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