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Monday 29th November 2010

29 November 2010 –

Mum is starting to call me “Sweetie” and that is not my name – it is Mr. Darcy. She says it to Dane too sometimes because he is so nice and patient with me. Had a great weekend playing at home. Polly even played with me, and those chooks – well I think I might have to confess, not that I chased them, but gosh, it is great being in that pen. Lots of stuff to chew on. Mum doesn’t call me Sweetie then – she sort of yells “get out of there”. I think she is regretting that I started my chook lessons in there, but hey, it won’t kill me.


Thursday 2nd December 2010

2 December 2010 –

Last night I picked up a cane toad and Mum got so cross she yelled "PUT THAT TOAD DOWN MR DARCY". Needless to say I dropped it immediately. Then Mum nearly drowned me when she tried to wash my mouth o...


Thursday 26th November 2010

26 November 2010 –

Mum went to Lone Pine yesterday with a film crew so I stayed home with my family. They were very happy to have me and this morning I sort of cried when I had to leave them, but when I got here Rose an...


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