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Let the Games Begin

4 August 2022 –

Hello Koala Lovers,

On Tuesday the Premier of Queensland announced that her Government spent $24.6 million on a purchase of land for Koalas. The press came to see me at HQ and as always we prepared a map to identify whether we thought it would be a good idea (view coverage here).

The Premier was on National TV and if you were a member of the public you would have thought that it would be perfect, and that it would be the panacea for all things Koala in South East Queensland.

As you can see in the Koala Habitat Atlas below, we do not think that is the case.

Queensland has been awarded the 2032 Olympic Games and there is a lot to do in readiness for them. Building new infrastructure will be necessary for a successful Games. This new road called the Coomera Connector corridor will be key for that event and will result I am sure, in more urbanisation of this area of Australia after the athletes have left our shores.

The site was originally bought for a luxury yacht development so it is hard to see it as a primary Koala habitat.



I am also concerned that existing habitat, presumably with Koalas living in it may be removed and translocated to this site. I have written to the Queensland Environment Minister, Ms. Scanlon to ask that and other questions.

Now that the Koala is listed as Endangered, the AKF believes that a translocation of this nature, with a history of massive mortalities, should not be undertaken. Federal Environment Member Tanya Plibersek will need to sign off on this road and as you know I have written to her and sent her a copy of the Koala Protection Act.

I note too, that the new Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Ms. Catherine King  believes this purchase is a “critical step in protecting koala populations along the Coomera Connector corridor”. I wonder whether she will think that after seeing our maps? I will send them to her and of course offer our support to brief her on such matters, given she is a new Minister in a newly elected government.

Let the Games begin!

As always,


Vale Olivia

9 August 2022 –

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The Koala does not have time to wait while Government re-writes federal laws

11 July 2022 –

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