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Junior Fundraisers Dream Big

4 April 2012 –

Every week we receive letters and emails from wonderful koala people from across the world who have taken it upon themselves to help save the koala. There is no set mould for these special people but each has their own unique reason for wanting to protect this struggling Australian icon.  The support from young children is especially heart warming and recently we have experienced an influx of junior koala advocates. A number of weeks ago we were contacted by an inspiring group of girls from the Northside Montessori School in Sydney who took a small idea and turned it into a big reality. Maja Burggraaf, Olivia Barratt, Indigo Wallace-Knight, Charlotte Mumbray and Catrin Wood held a fundraising day for the AKF with the dream of adopting a koala. Their achievements have blown us away and we thank you (so do the koalas!). Catrin, 10, has written a short piece describing their experience.


I’m in the carwash. It’s taking forever. I run around to 7/11 next door and grab a newspaper to read. Business, Sport, Domain, Good Living and then finally Good Weekend. As I read my eyes become wider and my jaw drops. Afterwards I am filled with determination.

“Something needs to be done about it otherwise koalas are going to turn out like Tassie devils,” I explain to my dad.

As soon as I get home I start to email my closest friends. The next day at school everything jumps into action. A few days later my friend comes to school saying that her mum rang the local newspaper and that they’re coming to our school.

Later that day we go see the principal and she tells us that Barry O’Farrell is coming! I never imagined it could be so big.

When it finally comes to Tuesday we are there quite early and everyone starts turning up at once.

“I hope we save a koala today,” I say nervously to my friend.

“Don’t worry I’ll check the box regularly.”

By the end of the day I am feeling so happy we made $1068.80. We could have saved five koalas.


The girls are now the proud foster parents of Rose- one of the many koalas available for adoption on our website. If you are interested in holding a fundraising event we would love to hear from you. See if you can match this amazing effort! Details can be found here on our website.


                                                                   Maja Burggraaf, Indigo Wallace-Knight, Charlotte Mumbray, Olivia Barratt  and Catrin Wood.



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